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Although it was missing from Francesca's memory, the heroine's name was Angelina di Calimel. She was originally raised as a commoner, but was discovered to have the bloodline of Earl Calimel, and rose to the ranks of an aristocrat. According to the original, she was supposed to have transferred to the school at the end of this November… but it was currently the beginning of October. It was two months earlier than in the game, Francesca felt uneasy.

Fate should have already been decided. The world shouldn't change. So why was the time of Angelina's transfer so early?

Francesca believed that everything should be following the game, so naturally she was confused. She was facing completely different developments than what the original had planned.

Like, during one cla.s.s.

"Leonhart-sama, I~ actually I enjoy making sweets as a hobby. If I make some cookies at home in the morning, would you like some?"

"It needs to be checked for poison."

"Cold treatment!? But in the game it was like a dog waiting for a treat…"


"Ah, no, it's nothing… I will not put poison in it. But, I really want you to eat it while it's fresh."

"There's no reason to prepare freshly made sweets in the morning. Are you still dreaming? In the first place, you were late this morning. Why not head to school early if you have time to make cookies."

For example, there was an event where Angelina made Leonhart homemade cookies. Leonhart who was obsessed with Angelina, ate the cookies delightfully… that's what it should be, but the reality was completely different.

Leonhart refused Angelina with a coldness that reached absolute zero. But that wasn't all.

"That woman is being extremely over-familiar… a spy from another country, no, maybe an a.s.sa.s.sin."

With the matter of cookies being a trigger, Leonhart was becoming wary of Angelina.

"The story of her being a descendant of the Earl Calimel is also doubtful. Watch out for spies… Fran, stay close to me."

"Um, aren't you overthinking things a bit much…?"

In the original, Angelina being a spy was not brought up at all. As she couldn't use that as a basis, Francesca was troubled over how to explain.

"Fran is very kind."

Leonhart gave me a soft and sweet smile.

"You can stay as you are. The dangerous things, all of them, I can get rid of them instead."


Because Leonhart's breath was at her ear, Francesca's back trembled.

"You're reacting. I'm glad… I will go to your room again tonight."

"Do-don't Leon. To say these things in the cla.s.sroom…"

"It was quiet. No one was able to hear it. Even if they did, aren't we engaged? There's nothing to feel guilty about."

"That's true, but…"

Since that night of excessive body contact, Leonhart had become more a.s.sertive. Whispering words of love during the day, holding hands, kissing while entwining their tongues—

Also, during lunch break at the school cafeteria.

"Here Fran, ahhh

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