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Leonhart took her to an old chapel located at the edge of the school grounds.

"Leon, this is…?"

"It's a place that's no longer being used anymore. Although it occasionally gets cleaned to keep it in good condition, basically n.o.body else comes here—Just in case, I ordered the others to leave—《Lest they pa.s.s through this gate[1]》."

Entering the chapel, Leonhart casted a spell. The surroundings were filled with magical presence. The entire chapel was enclosed by a barrier. The inside was very clean despite its worn-out appearance. Laid out in the middle was a red carpet, and a number of wooden benches were in rows on the left and right. There was a large altar at the back, from high above seven colours of light descended from a stained-gla.s.s window.

"…For now, let's take a seat."

She was urged by Leonhart and sat down at the end of the bench. Although it was cleaned until there was not a speck of dust, due to its considerable age, it gave a small creak when they sat down.

"It was hard on you a little while ago, Fran. I thought you would need a place to calm down so I brought you along, was that fine?"

"Yes… thank you, Leon."

Francesca placed her head on Leonhart's right shoulder who was sitting next to her. Whether this was a reaction from quarreling with Angelina awhile ago, just a little, she felt like being spoiled.

"You're so cute, Francesca."

Leonhart muttered gently, maneuvering his right arm behind Francesca, he slowly stroked her silver hair.

"To be surrounded and shouted at by all those boys, it must have been scary. Are you okay?"

"Yes… I was able to hold on."

"Ah. Actually, I was planning to appear sooner. But I saw Fran confronting them on your own, so I watched the situation a little longer."

"Y-you we're watching…"

Francesca's face turned red. It was too late, she was embarra.s.sed by what had happened previously.

Ahhh, it's not in my character to say such aggressive things. Would it be because I've become closer to my previous life? I don't remember it well, but when I worked hard at the company, the male employees would talk like I defeated them.

Francesca had thought that the influence of her previous life only extended to knowledge. But perhaps, deep down in her heart, a bit of her previous life's personality had taken root. The positive att.i.tude taken towards potion research, was closer to how she was in her previous life as well.

…While Francesca was absorbed in her thoughts,

"I'm glad. It’s like seeing the cheerful Fran from the old days."

"Feh…!? Le-Leon!?"

Suddenly, she was hugged by Leonhart. It was tight and strong. When Francesca returned to herself, she would say "Eh? Eh?" in a surprised voice while blinking repeatedly.

"Your mother—Marianne, since she died, Fran weren’t you extremely depressed? I was worried. For years and years, it was like she was going to drag you along…"

Leonhart was delighted from the bottom of his h

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