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"Fran, why are you being so cold to me?"

A stormy night. The wind was howling. The windows were rattling. Francesca di Rosenthal was in a dormitory being pushed down onto a bed. The perpetrator was the second prince of this kingdom, her fiancé, Leonhart di Claudis. Amidst the heavy rain and the howling wind, located at the east end on the third floor of the girls' dormitory, this was regrettably happening in Francesca's room.

The eyes that had stayed the same since long ago, were staring at Francesca.

"My feelings have not changed since before. I still love you."

I also like Leon. Was what Francesca wanted to reply.

From the day they first met 10 years ago, the two were deeply attracted to each other. Leonhart was not in an unrequited love. Francesca was also in love with him.

I like you, I like you, I like you a lot—She was unable to refuse the Leonhart who looked like an abandoned puppy. Even if she did, with her arms being held down, beating Leon's strength was impossible.

But, no. I absolutely can not.

Francesca must reject Leonhart. Because she saw the future. Where she was destined to be thrown away.

Francesca had memories of a previous life. A world without magic. She was an ordinary woman, living in a country called j.a.pan. From what she got out of the memory at that time, this world was apparently a game. A visual novel targeted at women. The so-called otome game. While she couldn't recall the t.i.tle, she deduced that the heroine who was raised as a commoner was actually the child of an Earl, who then transferred to an aristocratic private school. To pursue the love of young n.o.blemen was its selling point. It was a typical Cinderella story.

Francesca was a character from that story, she was the conceited and arrogant rival character. She looked down on the heroine and humiliated her, over and over again—as a result, she got what was coming to her. She was denounced by the heroine and her capture targets. And exiled from the school. Her engagement with Leonhart was annulled and Francesca spent the rest of her days at a monastery.

This was her destiny, it was the same no matter who the heroine chose.

It was during an autumn, 8 years ago, when Francesca remembered her previous life. At the time, she was already in love with Leonhart, and her engagement was decided.

—But in the future, I will be thrown away by Leon-sama.

The memory had told her the cruel ending to her love. That's why she tried to give up.

Just stay away from Leonhart, stay away… While enduring the heartbreak, she acted distantly.

Leon-sama, please hate me. The heroine is a good girl. Do not be defeated by the other capturable targets and love her well. Because in that ending, you were very, very, happy.

I will withdraw myself. I tried to. Yet—

"Fran, look at me. Don't turn away."

He had a low and masculine voice. A commanding voice a.s.sociated with the royal family.

Calling her name with

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