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Francesca blushed as she called out her fiancé's name.

"I-I'm happy that you're testifying for me, but when you said I was with you until morning, um, that—hm!? Ngh…nn—"

Seeing Leonhart draw closer, he suddenly gripped her chin. And without any warning, her lips were covered. Francesca could not comprehend the unexpected action of Leonhart and her heart was beating loudly against her chest, he kept absolutely no s.p.a.ce between them. Rather, he pushed her lips strongly and inserted his tongue. Like the tongue was thoroughly violating, it drew out pleasure within Francesca against her will, she found it difficult to stand. Soon, Francesca consciousness was fading, but then Leonhart lifted his lips. Grasping the Francesca's collar with his right hand. He showed them the love bite placed on her neck, informing them.

"This is the evidence. Last night, I was with Francesca. Whether it's ripping up text books or dirtying uniforms… Angelina, you're saying that she committed a crime at that time?"

"Eh!? Ehh, kiss mark, eh, no, no way…ehhhh!?"

Angelina became fl.u.s.tered at Leonhart's words. And so, because her lies were exposed… not, it seems she was surprised by another thing.

"I-isn't that strange…? Be-because this is an Otome game world right, eh, ehhh, ehhhh…?"

Angelina was shaken and her eyes were spinning around, she was muttering things like "It should be all ages" or "It's not supposed to be R18, right?"

—Watching her panic, Francesca gradually regained her composure.

Leonhart embraced her waist unnoticed and her heartrate sped up, but still, there was something she could not resist saying.

"Um, Angelina-san, isn't it fine?"

"Wh-wh-what!? E-even if you're engaged, before getting married, to, to do something like that… and in the dormitory of all things, i-it's dirty! Dirty!"

To the Angelina that was crying out, Francesca unintentionally chuckled.

She seemed to have wanted a large number of boys to wait upon her innocently. So in this case, she still had to tell her.

"This world is not a game. It is a reality. Kissing several times won't help you reach a happy ending. Kissing is something natural… You said you wanted to make a reverse harem, but what that means, what it entails. Have you thought about it?"

"The meaning of reverse harem, um, isn't it just being pampered…? Bu-but, being able to do that sort of thing with Leon-sama, means this world isn't R18 restricted… th-then, a reverse harem, isn't just kissing, no with multiple people—eh, no way!? I, I wasn't planning on… kyaaaa!?"

As expected, Angelina had a wild delusion. She turned and looked at each of the men behind her, her face flushed red and she sat down on the spot. She held her cheeks with both hands, losing herself and leaking out an embarra.s.sed voice. She was just naïve, with a rich imagination.

"About Angelina, right now, this should be enough."

Leonhart whispered into Francesca's ear.

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