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"I can hear the gears turning from over here," Hunt said.

A fragile smile. "I just worry about you getting in the face of these murder suspects. That's not exactly the same thing as surveillance, or rounding up witnesses, or subpoena service."

Hunt downplayed it. "I'm not really getting in anybody's face, Gina. Just pa.s.sing along information."

"Didn't you just tell me you went and saw Ellen Como?"

"Well . . ."

"And isn't she a suspect? Isn't she, in fact, like, the prime suspect even as we speak?"

Hunt couldn't reply.

"All I'm saying," Roake went on, "is that the thing about people who have actually murdered someone, there's always some small chance they'll feel the need to do it again."

"I don't think that's going to happen."

"Most victims don't, babe, that's kind of the point. Until that last little 'uh-oh, I should have seen this coming' moment. After which, 'Oh, well, too late now.' " She picked up a piece of sourdough, looked at it, put it back down. "I don't mean to sound paranoid, Wyatt, and maybe I wouldn't if all this wasn't around Dominic Como, but since it is ..."

"Since it is, what?"

Stalling, Gina moved a few more items around-twirled her winegla.s.s, adjusted the placement of her knife. Finally, she raised her eyes. "I really don't want to slander the dead, especially a dead well-respected and apparently well-loved community leader, but let's just say you don't get to be a power broker in this town on Como's level if you don't have a whole lot more going on than meets the eye."

"Like what, specifically?"

"I can't give you specifics. I don't know any. Which is how he wanted it. All I can tell you is that things just happened because Dominic Como laid his hands upon them. Or didn't happen if he didn't. Do you know Len Turner?"

This got all of Hunt's attention. "I do. He's handling the reward. What about him?"

"He's handling the reward? That's perfect. What about him is that, cutting to the chase, he's ruthless and unethical, as well as all but invisible to the general public. He's also counsel, or was, to Como and several other of our most successful service- oriented nonprofits. Some have been known to call him consigliere. Want to hear a story?"


"Okay. Twenty years ago, Len Turner's a young attorney with Dewey, Cheatham and Howe-not their real name . . ."

"I got it," Hunt said.

"I thought you would. Anyway, Turner's got a client who owns this tiny little four-acre parcel of land down by China Basin that would be worth about a zillion dollars except for the slight problem that back in World War Two and through the fifties it was a U.S. Navy munitions and fuel storage facility, which means that now it's essentially a toxic waste dump down to about a hundred feet. But now there's starting to be talk that the Giants are going to move to China Basin, which, as you've noticed, they have, and the whole area's going to be a redevelopment gold mine. You w

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