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"Neshek actually called you on this reward thing?" Juhle asked.

"Last night. But not to give information. To ask a question."

"And you don't have any idea was the question was?"

"Not a clue." Hunt shook his head. "Except I'm pretty sure it wasn't if I knew how to compute the circ.u.mference of a circle."

"Pi-R-squared," Juhle said.

But Hunt kept shaking his head. "Nope. That's the area. I think it's pi-D, but that wasn't what she called about anyway."

Juhle hesitated. "So what got you out here?"

Hunt ran it down for him-the original call with its sense of urgency, her lack of availability at both of her phone numbers during the whole day. "But really, bottom line," he concluded, "it was just a hunch."

"Hunches are good."

"I've got another one, then. Whoever did this, did Como."

"Not impossible, maybe even probable." He indicated the house.

"Let's see if whoever it was left something for us in the way of evidence. And by us I mean the police, not you and me."

"I thought we were all about share and share alike."

"Wrong. In fact, you're lucky you're not sitting in an interview room downtown, and you know it." As far as it went, this was probably true. Who was to say that Hunt hadn't in fact come out here to speak to Neshek and had gotten inside the house, where for some reason he struck her down with the poker, then set the house alarm, locked up, walked out, and called Juhle? Certainly, both Juhle and Russo had been overtly aware enough of this possibility that they hadn't permitted Hunt to enter the house and thus have a ready and benign explanation if they found trace evidence of his presence there-a fingerprint, a hair follicle. Hunt had spent time answering questions in police custody before, and knew that the only thing that stood between him and another interrogation room right now was the forbearance of Juhle and Russo. "And in any event," Juhle went on, "I'll want a taped interview from you by tomorrow, let's say high noon."

"Dev, come on, it's-"

"It's the only offer you're getting from me, Wyatt, and it's a d.a.m.n good one. I'd suggest you take it before I get Sarah involved and ask her opinion, which I think would be somewhat less lenient."

Wyatt came forward on his chair. "You realize, Dev, that I didn't even have to call this in. I could have gone home and let somebody else discover the body in three days or a week or whenever."

"You could have, but that would have been a crime. A private eye sees a body, he's supposed to report it. It's kind of like our rule that if you find a body, we're going to want a statement. It's all about having a complete file. This really isn't negotiable, Wyatt. And it's a favor I probably shouldn't even offer. But really, really, in my heart, I don't see you killing our victim out there."

Hunt managed to chortle. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. So, tomorrow, noon."

Hunt gave it a last try. "You know Como's memorial serv

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