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Xu Xiyan wasn’t able to think clearly anymore and could only wrap herself around the man in front of her.

Her face was red, her skin slightly pink from the heat.

Xu Xiyan kept whining in pain as she wriggled around.

Huo Yunshen was hurt by the scene of the woman he loved being in pain. He really wanted to know who was responsible for drugging her and making her like that.

Xu Xiyan pressed her lips against his and kissed him wildly.

It was the same as what had happened five years ago, even worse.

The whole situation was completely beyond Huo Yunshen’s expectation. He was holding back until they finally got married, who could’ve thought that Xu XIyan would be drugged.

Their kiss slowly became faster as time passed.

Yet kisses weren’t enough to help Xu Xiyan with the urge she was having, she wanted more. Because the drug inside her body was too strong, she could feel a huge void inside her.

Huo Yunshen pushed her down on the couch, locked her arms with his hands and said, “Jing Xi, just a little while longer… Just hold on a little longer.”

At least until they reached a hospital or their home.

But there was no way Xu Xiyan could wait that long.

It felt like her body was being bitten by millions of ants, and she was suffering.

Tears started to fill Xu Xiyan’s eyes as she began to cry.

As soon as Huo Yunshen saw that his woman was crying, his heart softened.

“Jing Xi, my girl, please don’t cry…”

Huo Yunshen could feel his heart breaking.

It was his duty as a man to not let her cry.

There was no way Xu Xiyan could stand until they reached the hospital.

The most important thing to do at that time was to help calm Xu Xiyan down.

He wiped the tears off her cheeks and hugged her tightly.

Even he was aroused by Xu Xiyan’s constant aggression, and he wanted her more than she wanted him,

“Jing Xi, I’m also pained by this… If this is what God wants, then let us recall what we did five years ago…”

Huo Yunshen turned to his driver and ordered, “Do not stop without my order.”

He closed the door between him and the driver, turning the back of the van into a private space.

“Jing Xi, I love you. I’ll give you anything you want.”

Five years, Huo Yunshen had never touched any woman for the past five years.

He was more nervous, more excited than ever, afraid that he might hurt her if he was too eager.

As they turned the van into their home and the couch into their bed, both of them merged into one.

“My love, I’ll give you everything I’ve got.”

Huo Yunshen finally expressed all of the love that he had been saving for the past five years onto Xu Xiyan.

Their lips locked as Xu Xiyan could finally feel the heat inside her body leaving.

It was as if they were the only people left in the world.

The best thing in the world has always been being loved when loving, being cared for when caring.

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