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“This has nothing to do with me!” Yang Qiong screamed. “It was all my uncle’s idea! He was the one who drugged them, and I haven’t had the slightest idea about it!”

“You little brat!” Yang Biao bit back. “What nonsense are you spouting? Wasn’t all of this your plan? I was only helping you, how dare you put the blame on me!”

“I know you care about me, uncle, but you shouldn’t have done this! I already told you not to do it, and yet you wouldn’t listen!”

“You really are a monster!”

Yang Biao had finally become the advertising manager for ROSUE, his career was going great. And yet because of what he did for Yang Qiong, he’d offended Huo Yunshen. There was no way that he could continue his life in Peijing after what he’d done.

“Stop arguing!” Yi Xiao scolded. “You should always think of the consequences before taking any actions! Both of you are to blame for what has happened today! Let them have a taste of their own medicine!”

Some of Huo Yunshen’s men grabbed Yang Qiong and her uncle, took the jug of coconut water from the table and forced them to drink it.

Both of them were thrown onto the ground as Yang Qiong tried to make herself throw up but failed to do so.

Yang Biao’s face was pale as a paper. He knew that the drug he got from another country had no cure.

Unless he made out with a woman.

In just a few seconds he could feel the drug starting to take effect as the temperature in his body began to rise.

His mind was going insane as he looked for women to express his desire, and the only woman near him was his niece.

He knew perfectly well that he shouldn’t be doing that, but he couldn’t control his body as he reached towards her.

Yang Qiong was also under the effect of the drug and couldn’t care less who it was.

Even if Yang Biao had not gone for her, she would’ve had to look for another man.

Both of them started to make out in front of the public without giving a care as to how others looked at them.

The paparazzi were all shocked by the scene they were looking at as Yi Xiao kicked them and ordered them to take pictures.

They were all afraid of being beaten again and started to shoot photos and videos of Yang Biao and Yang Qiong.

The scene was gruesome. A call came through Yi Xiao’s phone, and he left the dining suite.

It was the people he’d order to send An Xianming and Xue Yating back.

An Xianming and Xue yating were brought to a mansion right next to the Jade Lake.

Huo Yunshen’s men helped them out of the car as An Xianming carried Xue Yating into the mansion.

He let Xue Yating down on the bed as he was pained from looking at the unconscious woman.

He had to knock her out because Xue Yating had completely lost her mind.

He did not want to hurt her.

He touched her face gently as he took a deep breath, wondering what he should do next.

He had fallen in love with his step-niece, a girl that he’d looked after ever since she was a kid.

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