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Xue Yating was too happy to have finally met her uncle and almost forgot to introduce Xu Xiyan.

As they were talking, waiters began to serve foods one by one until they finally served a tall jug of coconut water on the table.

Xue Yating looked at the jug and asked, “Did you guys make a mistake? We did not order this coconut water.”

“We’re having a summer promotion at the moment, and this is on the house. Please, enjoy,” the waiter said.

Xue Yating did not suspect anything and asked the waiter to pour the coconut water for them.

An Xianming placed the cup in front of him and said, “I can’t drink anymore, you guys drink it.”

Xu Xiyan and Xue Yating began to drink the water while eating.

Xu Xiyan was intently listening to Xue Yating and An Xianming’s converstation while they ate.

After she’d gulped down a cup of the coconut water, she began to feel something was off. Her body was heating up as her mind was going blank.

Xu Xiyan wondered why it felt like she was drinking alcohol instead of coconut water.

Then she suddenly remembered that it was the same feeling she had five years ago when Chu Yuhe drugged her. Could it be, we were drugged?

Xu Xiyan raised her head and noticed Xue Yating was drinking the water too. Without any hesitation, Xu Xiyan knocked the glass out of her hand.

Xue Yating was surprised as the glass broke on the floor.

“Sis, what…”

“The water… I think it was tampered with… Don’t drink…”

Xu Xiyan could feel every inch of her body heating up. The drug was stronger than what Xu Xiyan had imagined.

Xue Yating noticed that something was off about Xu Xiyan as her face reddened and her breathing became faster.

Xu Xiyan was falling out of her chair, and Xue Yating quickly rushed over to help her up.

“Uncle, what should we do? Is she poisoned?” Xue Yating asked as she set Xu Xiyan down on the couch next to the table.

“No, she might be drugged.”

“What? Then what should we do?”

“Normally, either we dunk her in an ice bath, or we find a man for her.”

“Why do we need a man? Aren’t you a man too? Hurry up and save her.”

Xue Yating couldn’t understand why they needed a man to cure Xu Xiyan.

Even though she was born into a wealthy family, she was as pure as a piece of white paper.

The Xue family had over-protected her, and she had no idea how cruel the world could be.

“Me? There’s no way I can save her…” An Xianming rejected. There was no way he was going to touch another woman when the one he loved was right in front of him. “Does she have a boyfriend? We should contact him!”

“Oh, right!”

Xue Yating instantly thought of Huo Yunshen and quickly took out her phone. She told Huo Yunshen about the situation that Xu Xiyan was in.

The man on the other side of the phone quickly asked for the address and rushed over to the hotel.

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