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“I’m here, Orange.”

The pink Rabbit Mommy stopped in front of the stall with the rose bouquets and greeted Fang Xiaocheng.

“Yanyan, you’re finally here! I’m so busy, I can’t keep up. Quick, help me—if there are customers who want to buy flowers, ask them to pay by scanning the QR code.”

Fang Xiaocheng handed her a placard with a QR code printed on it. Xu Xiyan immediately went into hustling-for-business mode.

Xu Xiyan had a good head for business. She was good at attracting people to her stall, and she knew how to get them to buy her flowers.

Whenever she saw a couple walk by, she stepped in front of them and praised the girlfriend’s pretty looks in front of the boyfriend. This was followed by a well-timed suggestion to the boyfriend: “Why not buy a rose to show your love for her?” Most men were happy to part with their money upon hearing that.

The two women went about hawking their flowers with great enthusiasm. It was as though they had returned to their college days.

Suddenly, all the lights in the central square went out. The street lights, the lights in the surrounding building, and the jumbotron that had been showing ads—all of them flickered and died.

The square was now in total darkness. It was too dark to see the faces of the people around them, let alone sell flowers.

“Orange, we have a blackout!”

Xu Xiyan got out her phone to shine some light on her surroundings.

“Yup, it’s a blackout, all right.” Fang Xiaocheng knew exactly what was going on. She patted Xu Xiyan’s rabbit head and said, “Ooh, Yanyan, look behind you, quick!”

Xu Xiyan turned her head to look behind her. In the dark night, tiny flickers of light began to appear. They began to grow in number, like fireflies on a summer night.

Soon, the darkness around them had transformed into a brilliant river of stars.

In the massive square, someone had lit candles placed in cups. The candles were arranged in the shape of a large heart, surrounding the spot where Xu Xiyan and Fang Xiaocheng had been selling flowers.

“Wow, who lit all these candles? Is someone trying to propose?”

Xu Xiyan had immediately guessed that someone was trying to propose as soon as she saw all the candles arranged in the shape of a heart.

“I guess so. It looks so romantic!”

Fang Xiaocheng waited patiently by Xu Xiyan’s side. She would keep her company until the moment Xu Xiyan’s happiness finally came for her.

The other people in the square didn’t seem to mind the sudden blackout. Instead, they gathered outside the heart made with candles in a civilized manner and were now eagerly waiting to see what was really going on.

Everyone was now waiting for the couple behind the marriage proposal to show up. Just then, a beautiful melody began to play; it seemed to be coming from the night sky above them.

“What song is this? I’ve never heard this before, it’s beautiful.”

Xu Xiyan cocked her ears to listen carefully to the song.

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