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An Xianming thought that Xu Xiyan had outperformed every other actress that auditioned before her.

It was as if she was a star that shone brighter than every other star.

No other actress could even be compared to Xu Xiyan’s talent.

It was as if Xu Xiyan was a dark horse that launched a perfect counter. She stood out in front of every other actress that was in the spotlight and became the international spokesperson for ROSUE.

After Xu Xiyan got the spot, she changed back into her grey hoodie and left ROSUE happily.

Coincidentally, she met Xue Yating just outside of ROSUE.

Xue Yating was there to meet up with another person. But when she learned that Xu Xiyan had just finished her audition nearby, she quickly changed her mind and looked for Xu Xiyan.

“Since your audition has ended, you have the time to go out with me, right?” Xue Yating asked as she grabbed Xu Xiyan’s hand and rested her head on Xu Xiyan’s shoulder. “Can you go shopping with me? Pretty please?”

“Fine. It’s just because you’re too cute to refuse.”

Yay!” Xue Yating laughed. “Sister is the best!”

Xue Yating dragged Xu Xiyan to a huge mall nearby.

They went straight to the third floor which was selling women’s clothing and went into Xue Yating’s favorite shop, MiuMiu.

Xue Yating wanted to go to the bathroom and asked Xu Xiyan to wait for her inside the shop.

As she waited for Xue Yating, Xu Xiyan browsed through the clothes when two other girls walked into the shop.

“Ning Xin, this is it! This is the shop that I like the most!” Yang Qiong said.

She wanted to choose a skirt that she could wear to lunch with An Xianming so that she could impress him.

Yet as soon as they entered the shop, Ning Xin also noticed that Xu Xiyan was in there too and said, “Hey, isn’t that Jing Xi? Is she planning to buy something too?”

Yang Qiong still had no idea that her spot as the spokesperson had been taken by Xu Xiyan. Her uncle, Yang Biao, still hoped to try and get her back into the game during lunch and had not told her yet.

“Could she even afford anything here? One piece of clothing here could easily cost six figures,” Yang Qiong scolded. “There’s no way a pauper like her could afford anything here.”

Xu Xiyan thought that she heard someone familiar behind her and turned around only to see that Yang Qiong and Xing Nin were weirdly looking at her.

It was as if they were asking why a poor person like her would look around in such a shop.

Xu Xiyan did not want any beef with them and continued to look around the shop.

Just as she wanted to take a yellow dress, Yang Qiong suddenly rushed over and snatched it away from her.

“I like this one!” Yang Qiong said.

So what? Xu Xiyan scolded in her head. I don’t even like it.

Xu Xiyan turned around and looked at another light blue dress. But Yang Qiong rushed over once again and took the dress away.

“I like this too,” she announced.

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