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Yang Qiong was acquainted with Xue Yating, and she knew that Xue Yating was the daughter of the Industrial Lord, Xue Zhengrong. Xue Yating was one of the richest and well-known young ladies in all of Peijing.

She still remembered that she had sat next to Xue Yating when they were at a charity dinner.

It meant that they were acquainted.

If she could befriend Xue Yating, she could use her to get out of the tricky situation.

“Hi!” Yang Qiong greeted as soon as she stopped in front of Xue Yating. “Are you here to buy some clothes too?”

“What’s the newest addition here?” Xue Yating asked as she raised her head.

Xue Yating thought that Yang Qiong was one of the shop assistants.

“Miss Xue, don’t you remember me? It’s me, Yang Qiong!”

“Yang Qiong? Which Yang Qiong?”

Xue Yating had completely forgotten who she was.

“We sat together at the charity dinner, remember?” Yang Qiong said as she tried to hide the awkward situation.

“Oh,” Xue Yating replied without any emotion,

Xue Yating chose a set of clothes and took it off the rack. It was a fitted women’s suit on top with wide trousers on the bottom.

“Wow! What a pretty set of clothes! It really suits you!” Yang Qiong exclaimed, not willing to give up just yet.

“You’re right, it is pretty. And it’s not even expensive, only 300 thousand!”

300,000 and Xue Yating thought that it was cheap. She really did come from a rich family.

Just as Yang Qiong was thinking about how to get close to Xue Yating, Xue Yating walked up to Xu Xiyan and said, “Sis, why don’t you try this on.”

Xu Xiyan had never expected that Xue Yating would choose a set of clothes for her and declined, “It’s okay, Tingting, I have enough clothes as of right now.”

Xu Xiyan still wasn’t used to being treated by others, and she also wasn’t used to be going out wearing clothes that cost 300,000 yuan.

“It’s okay, I didn’t tell you to buy it,” Xue yating insisted with a cute voice and pushed Xu Xiyan into the fitting room. “Just wear it for me, okay?”

Yang Qiong and Ning Xin were already dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed. There was no way they could have foreseen that the clothes Xue Yating had chosen were for Xu Xiyan. They looked close, as if they were best friends.

Xue Yating was famous for rejecting people as many tried to befriend her for her money.

They wondered how Xu Xiyan had gotten so close with Xue Yating.

“Miss Xue, how do you know Jing Xi?” Yang Qiong asked out of curiosity.

“Oh, by chance. She’s my big sister now,” Xue Yating replied with a proud face.

Yang Qiong had no idea how to express the emotion that she was feeling anymore. Xue Yating couldn’t even remember a top star like her and yet she had befriended a newcomer, and she even called the newcomer her sister.

Just as Xu Xiyan was trying on the clothes, Xue Yating took out her Black Gold card and paid for it.

Yang Qiong saw the worldwide limited card and swallowed h

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