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The delicious food helped to calm Ying Bao’s nerves. She ate the food happily.

Huo Yunshen wanted to find out what had happened to Ying Bao in E country. He called Xu Xiyan, but she didn’t answer—she was probably in the middle of a shoot.

He called Ye Xun next, and learned from him that Ying Bao had previously been abused by her kindergarten teachers when she was living in E country.

The experience had been traumatizing for Ying Bao, and caused her to be extremely hostile towards the idea of going to school.

Once Huo Yunshen understood what had happened, his heart ached terribly for his daughter. He couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like for the little girl to suffer such cruel abuse.

Poking children with needles, stuffing their mouths with wasabi, spanking them, yelling at them… how was it possible for teachers to be so evil?

How could they not know that even the slightest wound to a child’s psyche was enough to leave an indelible mark for the rest of their lives?

Huo Yunshen’s heart bled for his daughter. But his sorrow soon gave way to anger. “A place with teachers like that doesn’t deserve to be a kindergarten. It should be razed to the ground!”

Ye Xun replied, “Us JS mercenaries have already done that. The teachers who were abusing the kids have gotten the punishment they deserve.”

After ending the call, Huo Yunshen decided upon his next step: he would give his daughter psychological counseling whenever possible to reduce her fear of kindergartens, ASAP. He had to make sure Ying Bao would be okay with a new environment.

He instructed Yi Xiao to contact the best psychologist available, and also to look up all the kindergartens in Peijing with excellent reputations and track records. He would handpick a suitable kindergarten for his daughter.

Over at the studio lot in the eastern suburbs…

They were now shooting a tense scene for “Root of Evil.”

The policewoman in the story was in hot pursuit of W, a serial killer. W had suffered a serious injury and fled into a welfare home.

The policewoman stealthily followed after him. His trail led her to a door, where she stopped.

The sight of the dilapidated door triggered something within her. She was reminded of her childhood memories.

After her parents had died, her brother, too, had died to save her. She had been sent to a welfare home after that.

The policewoman entered the room where W lived, which happened to be the same room she had lived in when she was a young girl. Inside, she was shocked to find a photo of her and her brother.

This was the turning point in the movie: what would the policewoman do now, once she realized that the brother she missed was actually the serial killer she was trying to catch?

What would her reaction be, once she discovered the truth behind her brother’s serial killings?

Once their scenes for the day were done, Xu Xiyan and Ma Haodong walked off the sound stage together.

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