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Xu Xiyan was speechless. Why were they trying to match-make her in their video for Chinese Valentine’s Day?

After the little girl finished making her wish, she blinked her large, lively eyes as she asked: [Aunt Orange, will the handsome uncle show up?]

Aunt Orange put a finger to her forehead in mock concentration: [Yup, he’s here.]

Cherry Baby: [How will he find my mommy?]

Aunt Orange: [Maybe he’ll sing a song, and your mommy will know it’s him when she hears it.]

The broadcast ended. At the same time, the beautiful melody began to play once again; it seemed to be the opening to a song.

Once the prelude ended, a deep, irresistibly alluring voice began to sing, loud enough to carry across the night sky.

[How long is two thousand days and nights?

They’re gone within a finger snap

If it means you’ll be by my side

I can wait forever…]

As soon as she heard the singing voice, Xu Xiyan felt as though she had been struck by an invisible bolt of lightning. All the cells in her body trembled in excitement in the wake of the electric current that coursed through her.

Why did that voice sound like Huo Yunshen’s?

Xu Xiyan and the people around her began to look around to see where the voice was coming from.

The massive square had turned into an open-air concert hall. The beautiful music carried across the square to every corner. It seeped into the deepest recesses of everyone’s hearts.

A hot air balloon decorated with heart-shaped balloons and star-shaped nightlights descended from the sky, floating slowly into view.

Everyone could clearly see now that there was a man sitting in the hot air balloon, dressed in a black tuxedo and bow tie. He was singing with heartfelt emotion into a microphone.

No one could see his face, because he had put on a cherry-shaped full-face mascot mask.

This was a clever move by him. This way, no one would be able to recognize him.

But Xu Xiyan had recognized his singing voice, and knew it was Huo Yunshen underneath the Mr. Cherry disguise.

He was singing a new song, a song she had never heard before.

Once she was certain it was Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan was struck with a thought that was too incredible for her to believe: Was this all part of Huo Yunshen’s plan?

Was he proposing to her?

The hot air balloon basket touched the ground as the song reached its climax. Mr. Cherry looked directly at Rabbit Mommy, standing amidst the flower bouquets, and sang to her.

[You ask me how much I love you.

My love for you increases

With every passing second

As long as time goes on

My love is forever…]

This was a new song Huo Yunshen had written especially for Xu Xiyan. The name of the song was “Passionately Devoted to You.”

The lyrics were his answer to the question Xu Xiyan had previously put to him: How much did he love her?

Although he had answered her with his lyrics, it wasn’t enough for him. He was now going to tell her

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