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Yang Qiong still couldn’t believe Xue Yating, as she should’ve had the same last name as An Xianming.

Even Xu Xiyan was rendered speechless in her seat.

Xue Yating had told Xu Xiyan that she would be bringing her to meet with someone but never told her who it was. There was no way that Xu Xiyan could have expected An Xianming to walk through the door.

What was more was that they were both uncle and niece from Xue Yating’s father’s side.

“That’s right, he’s my uncle!”

Xue Yating had her arms around An Xianming’s waist, what she would always do when she was still a kid.

“…” Even though Yang Qiong had an uncle like Yang Biao, she still thought that having an uncle like An Xianming would be better.

“I kind of drank too much and had Miss Yang escort me here,” An Xianming said as he tried to hide his laughter and rubbed Xue Yating’s head. “Listen to me okay, Tingting? Stop making a scene.”

Xue Yating let An Xianming go, looked at Yang Qiong and said, “Now that he’s here, you can leave now.”

Xue Yating never noticed that she viewed anyone who got close to An Xianming as her enemy.

The situation was very awkward for Yang Qiong as she was sent off immediately, yet she couldn’t find any reason to stay and could only leave the Herb Dining Suite.

As soon as she closed the door, she couldn’t hide her envy and jealousy anymore, as another feeling started to rise up. It was the feeling of danger.

With the relationship Xue Yating and An Xianming had, they could easily take the ambassador spot away from her and give it to Xu Xiyan.

She did not want to lose just like that.

And even if she did lose, she would drag Xu Xiyan and Xue Yating down with her.

She had to do something.

She suddenly noticed a waiter was pushing a tray of food towards the Herb Dining Suite and had an idea.

Xu Xiyan was sitting quietly opposite Xue Yating and An Xianming as they talked to each other intimately.

Xu Xiyan could feel her skin crawl after she’d heard the whole story about An Xianming.

He and his parents were separated in an accident when he was a child and he was taken in by the Xue family. That was how he and Xue Zhengrong became brothers.

Before he found his parents, he went by the name Xue Xianming, Xue Yating’s uncle by name.

Xue Yating had been close to her uncle ever since she was born. An Xianming was the one who took care of her until she was 18 years old.

An Xianming suddenly left the Xue family for a whole seven years without telling them the reason.

It was not long before when ROSUE invited him to come back to become their advertisement director.

And Xue Yating was happy for that, as she could finally meet her uncle that she had been longing for the past seven years.

Even though An Xianming was more mature than he’d been seven years ago, and had changed his last name, the Xue Yating’s dependency on him never changed.

Xue Yating made a vow to herself to not let

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