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Xu Xiyan had been like a person who had just arrived in the big city from the countryside when she was in her ragged hoodie. But the feeling was instantly gone after she’d changed into the new set of clothes. Not only did the clothes outline her perfect body, but they also gave her a charming vibe.

Xue Yating eyes shone as she held her thumb up and exclaimed, “Wow, sis! You really are the perfect model for any clothes! Everything looks great on you! Did they actually know you were coming and specially make them for you?”

“I’ll go take it off, give me a moment,” Xu Xiyan said. She’d already checked the price of the clothes, and there was no way she was going to buy 300,000 yuan worth of clothes.

“Don’t, I’ve already paid for it. Treat it as a present from me for our 100 day anniversary!” Xue Yating pulled Xu Xiyan back and stopped her.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but laugh in her head. This little brat, making up such an excuse just because she wants to buy me something.

“I don’t need it, Tingting. I don’t think I can pull off such expensive clothing.”

“It really suits you! I won’t call you my sister anymore if you take it off!”

“Fine, fine!” Xu Xiyan said. “Then, I treat this as an endorsement from you. I’ll wear it to the ROSUE new product launch event next month.”

“Yay! You’re the best! Come on, let’s go for lunch. I have someone I want you to meet,” Xue Yating said and dragged Xu Xiyan away.

Yang Qiong’s eyes were following them the whole time as if they would pop out at any moment.

“Don’t get intoxicated by your small success!’ Yang Qiong scolded.

Ning Xin noticed that Xu Xiyan had mentioned something about a ROSUE launch event and asked, “Wait, is Jing Xi also invited to the ROSUE product launch event?”

“So what if she is! Let her come, I’ll show her who’s the better actress then!”

Yang Qiong did not believe that Xu Xiyan was invited to the launch event. There was no way she could believe it, as she thought Xu Xiyan never even had a shot at the audition.

Even if Xu Xiyan really did get into the launch event through her connection, she would only play a minor role in it.

ROSUE’s manager, Yang Biao, had already booked a private lunch at Huayue Hotel’s Mudan Dining Suite.

The CEO, Lin Lan, had left the suite early because he had an urgent matter to attend to. This left Yang Biao and Yang Qiong the perfect venue to continue with their plan.

Yang Biao was talking with An Xianming at the table as the door to the suite suddenly opened and in came Yang Qiong, who was wearing a sexy dress.

“Qiongqiong,” Yang Biao said as he sat her between himself and An Xianming. “Pour some drinks for Mr. An here.”

“Sorry for being late,” Yang Qiong said. “I’ll drink three cups now as my apologies.”

Yang Qiong poured three cups of Chinese white wine for herself and drank them all in one go.

“What a good drinker you are!” An Xianming said.

They started to eat as Yang Qiong and

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