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“Kindergarten is bad.”

Ying Bao had given it some thought, but she could not overcome her fear.

Just the thought of her horrific experience at the E country kindergarten was enough to make her recoil in horror.

“No, our kindergarten is really fun! We play a lot of fun games every day, and they give us snacks to eat,” Niu Niu said proudly.

Another little girl added, “Yeah, they even taught us how to paint and make things. Niu Niu, let’s play the Woodman game!”

And with that, Niu Niu ran off to play with the other children who were also in kindergarten.

Ying Bao sat on the slide and watched them play together, her heart filled with envy.

It was clear now that not being in kindergarten made her different from everyone else. Niu Niu and the other children were able to sing the same nursery songs they had learned in kindergarten, and they knew the same dances and games. When they began talking about their kindergartens, Ying Bao couldn’t get a word in because she didn’t know what they were talking about.

When his meeting was over, Huo Yunshen walked out of his office to look for his daughter. He saw her sitting alone on a swing; she wasn’t playing with the other children.

“Cherry, come here.”

Ying Bao heard her father call for her. She immediately jumped off the swing and ran to her father, flinging herself into his arms and hugging him tight.


She sounded upset.

Huo Yunshen wondered what was wrong. He asked patiently, “What happened? Cherry? Why weren’t you playing with the other girls?”

Ying Bao shook her head, her eyes filled with indignant tears. Before she could say anything, the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Huo Yunshen scooped his daughter up and carried her into his office. He shut the door and asked, “What happened? You can tell Daddy. Did someone bully you?”

“No…” Ying Bao shook her head and rubbed her eyes with the back of her tiny, pudgy hands. She pouted as she said, “They’re all in kindergarten, so they play together. They don’t want me to join them.”

Oh, was Ying Bao having trouble fitting in with the other kids because she wasn’t attending kindergarten?

Huo Yunshen looked at his daughter’s tiny, innocent face, his heart filled with tender sympathy. He didn’t want his daughter to turn into a lonely outcast.

He hoped she would have a happy, carefree childhood, like the other kids her age.

He didn’t know how much schooling Ying Bao had received overseas, but he knew that in this country, every little boy and little girl her age would be starting their second year of kindergarten in September.

Perhaps it was time to send Ying Bao to school and let her receive a normal education, like all the other children. This would make it easier for her to fit in with the rest of society and make more friends.

Huo Yunshen discussed this with his daughter. “Cherry, what do you think about going to kindergarten? This way you’ll get to be good friends with th

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