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“Ning Xin, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at Hengdian Studios?” asked Ma Haodong, a little surprised.

Both Ma Haodong and Ning Xin were part of Huayin Entertainment. He hadn’t expected to bump into her here, because he had heard that Ning Xin was shooting an idol drama at Hengdian Studios.

“Brother Haodong, I see you haven’t been keeping up with my news. My Hengdian show already wrapped up last week. Now I’m part of ‘Red Sleeved Beauty’,” explained Ning Xin with a smile.

Ma Haodong nodded in reply. “Oh, I see.”

Xu Xiyan was still standing next to Ma Haodong. She hadn’t said anything, but Ning Xin was keenly aware of her; she had seen her walking with Ma Haodong, laughing and joking with him. Ning Xin didn’t like that. Not one bit.

But Ning Xin didn’t let her resentment show on her face. She allowed her gaze to fall naturally upon Jing Xi before asking tentatively, “Oh, is this your girlfriend?”

“She’s not my girlfriend. Don’t misunderstand,” explained Ma Haodong.

He introduced Jing Xi. “Let me introduce you to my friend: this is Jing Xi, we’re currently in the same production.”

Ning Xin suddenly realized who Jing Xi was. “Oh, so this is Jing Xi, the newcomer who was rumored to be in a relationship with you.”

Ma Haodong nodded. He introduced Ning Xin. “Jing Xi, this is my junior sister apprentice, Ning Xin. She’s also part of Huayin Entertainment, like me.”

Ning Xin hated it when Ma Haodong introduced her as his “junior sister apprentice,” but she let it go. There was nothing she could do about it.

Several years ago, Ma Haodong had had his heart broken when Xiao Yuqian disappeared. Ning Xin had seized the chance to try to get him on the rebound—to no avail. In the end, she had to settle for the role of his confidante in order to stay by his side and continue being friends with him.

She had to give up on any romantic possibilities with him because that was the only way she would be able to meet him without making him uncomfortable.

“Good day, Ms. Ning.”

Xu Xiyan’s greeting was perfectly civil. Deep down, however, she was filled with disgust. She couldn’t stand how fake Ning Xin was being.

They had already met several days ago, during the audition for ROSUE. Ning Xin and Yang Qiong had even mocked her openly—and now she was pretending this was their first meeting? What a load of crock!

Now that they had gotten the introductions over with, Ning Xin said, “Brother Haodong, are you free tonight? We haven’t seen each other in ages, we should have dinner together!”

Ma Haodong was, in fact, free that night. “Sure. I was just about to go for dinner. We’ll have dinner together.” He turned to Xu Xiyan. “Jing Xi, you should come with us too!”

Xu Xiyan was reluctant to have dinner with Ning Xin. Eating at the same table with someone she didn’t get along with was bound to give her an upset stomach.

She was racking her brain for a suitable excuse when her phone began to ri

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