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Instead of obeying him, Huo Sanyan tightened her grip on his arm and snuggled even closer. “Oh, don’t be so stingy! I’m just borrowing your shoulder for a few minutes! Yours is the only shoulder I want. If any other man tried to offer me their shoulder, I’d laugh in their faces!”


Ye Xun was speechless. Huo Sanyan seemed to think that it was a great honor for Ye Xun to have her leaning against his shoulder. The woman was utterly shameless. She was beyond help.

After failing to shake her off, Ye Xun was now filled with numb resignation. Huo Sanyan was persistent and clingy, and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Admit it! You’re hopelessly in love with me, aren’t you?”

Huo Sanyan was convinced that Ye Xun was just playing hard to get. In her opinion, he was obviously head over heels in love with her, but didn’t want to admit it because he was too shy.

Ye Xun: “…”

Where was this woman getting her self-confidence from?

He no longer had the words to describe what he was feeling.

He was quite sure there was no one more narcissistic and shameless than Huo Sanyan in the entire world.

After a long moment, Ye Xun let out a faint sigh. “Honestly, I have nothing more to say to you.”

Huo Sanyan refused to believe him. She racked her brains for something to talk about. “Oh, we can always talk about something else. What was your childhood like? Were you as happy as these kids?”

Ye Xun: “…”

Ye Xun’s expression darkened at the sudden question about his childhood. Once again, he was overwhelmed by an emotion that went beyond description.

Unlike the children playing before him, his childhood had been far from happy.

The deepest recesses of his memory were filled with war and gunfire.

His home had been destroyed. Separated from the rest of their relatives, he and his mother had been forced to wander in the streets, homeless.

He would never forget the torturous days spent among gunshots, starving and freezing as he hid in gloomy bomb shelters.

He would never forget the horrific price his mother had paid to protect him. She had been caught by Dark Zone mercenaries, who proceeded to gang-rape her before killing her.

That year, at the tender age of 8, he had watched with his own eyes as the cruel and ugly world slaughtered his mother.

He had been too young to do anything. Back then, the only thing he could do was clench his jaw and etch his mother’s final words into his mind.

“Live on. Live a good life, and look for your little sister.”

His younger sister was only 5 years old at the time, and had been separated from them in all the chaos and confusion.

He had done whatever had been necessary to survive the war. He had latched onto life with a single conviction in his heart: he had to live so he would be able to avenge his family and fellow countrymen one day.

And he had to find his younger sister.

Years later, Ye Xun was now a member of the JS mercenary group,

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