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Yang Qiong’s uncle had given her a thumbs up, telling her that the role was set to be hers from the beginning.

As they walked past Xu Xiyan, Yang Qiong intentionally said, “Xing Nin, let’s go shopping. The audition is over.”

After the two had left, Xu Xiyan stood up and checked her number.

Even though she was specially invited to the audition and had to wait for everyone else to finish their auditions first, there was no way that the audition would end without her.

Yang Biao and the others had already started packing their stuff in the audition room as An Xianming asked, “Yang Biao, is that all? Are there any other people whom I haven’t auditioned?”

“Nope, that should be all.”

“But I checked the list, and there’s still an actress named Jing Xi. Is she not here yet?”

An Xianming remembered Xu Xiyan because Elvis had specifically told him about her a few days before.

An Xianming had worked with Elvis in a few films, and they had a good relationship in private. If Xu Xiyan was someone who Elvis referred, An Xianming had to check how good that girl really was.

Yet, even after the audition had ended, Xu Xiyan was nowhere to be found.

“Maybe she’s absent,” Yang Biao said, never putting in mind someone who got into the audition through introductions from some higher-ups.

“I’m here!” Xu Xiyan suddenly shouted as she ran into the audition room. “Can I have a shot at the audition?”

“…” Yang Biao frowned, unable to believe the nerve Xu Xiyan had.

No matter how much Yang Biao tried to stop her from auditioning, it was An Xianming who gave her a chance in the end.

Xu Xiyan began to prepare for her performance.

She’d chosen the theme song for Cinderella, A Golden Childhood.

As the music began, Xu Xiyan sat on the floor and raised her head up slowly. Her ragged clothes and pained expression fully expressed the character she was playing, Cinderella.

As the music continued to play, Xu Xiyan danced around the floor in her own choreography.

With the music playing in the room, the staff members who were watching Xu Xiyan’s dance thought that were really looking at the real Cinderella who was wandering endlessly, waiting for something.

Cinderella looked at a castle that was far away, at the prince that she’d longed for. But because of her poor status and ragged clothes, she did not walk towards the castle.

Until she flapped her hood and a butterfly flew out, which was then followed by many other butterflies.

The butterflies must’ve been attracted by something as they flew towards a tree and Cinderella followed closely behind them.

The butterflies stopped at a white dress that was hanging on the tree. Cinderella had finally found herself a beautiful dress. She stood on her toes and took the dress down as she danced happily.

She went behind the tree and came out with the beautiful dress replacing the grey hoodie.

She slightly picked up a side of her dress and danced with t

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