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Xu Xiyan did not reply. She smiled at Yang Qiong and tried to take another shirt off the rack.

Just as she’d expected, anything she touched would be taken away by Yang Qiong.

Xu Xiyan looked at Yang Qiong who had a pile of clothes in her arms as if she was a shop assistant and smiled.

“Since Miss Yang likes these clothes so much, why don’t you take all of them?” Xu Xiyan said and called the shop assistant over. “This young lady wants all of these clothes, can you help her out?”

“…” Yang Qiong looked at Xu Xiyan dumbfounded as the shop assistant took the clothes over and started to count them one by one.

Yang Qiong started to panic as she never wanted that much clothes. She was only trying to make a joke out of Xu Xiyan.

She quickly extended her hand to stop the shop assistant and said, “Wait, I don’t need all of them.”

“Come on, Miss Yang, don’t be embarrassed,” Xu Xiyan said as she grabbed Yang Qiong’s hand. “How would you able to sleep at night if you did not buy all of these clothes after all the time spent choosing them? They won’t even cost you anything since your pay is quite high.”

Xu Xiyan was pretending to care about Yang Qiong on the outside, but in reality, she’d already set a trap for her.

What? I thought you liked all of them? Xu Xiyan laughed in her head. Why not empty your wallet for them then?

“Miss, the total is 2.5 million,” the shop assistant said.

“Wow! What a lucky number!” Xu Xiyan exclaimed. “Hurry up and pack them, the young lady here is already eager to pay for them.

“…” Yang Qiong looked at Xu Xiyan as the rage in her heart was building.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xiyan asked as she noticed Yang Qiong wasn’t going to take her wallet out. “Could it be that you don’t have enough cash? Why don’t you swipe your card then? Everyone has a card these days, right? What card are you holding? Platinum? Or is it diamond? Don’t tell me that you don’t even have a debit card on you?”

Angered by Xu Xiyan’s comment, Yang Qiong took out her card, slammed it on the table and scolded, “Who said I don’t have one?”

“Here, 250 plus four zeros,” Xu Xiyan said as she took the card and handed it to the cashier.

The cashier swiped the card, but it showed that the limit on the card was only enough to pay for one shirt.

“I’m sorry, Miss Yang,” the cashier said as she returned the card. “Do you have another card you could use? I’m afraid the limit on this card isn’t enough to pay for all these clothes.”

“…” It was so embarrassing that Yang Qiong wanted to find a hole and jump into it.

She quickly turned to Ning Xin for help, as she did not want to lose her pride in front of the newcomer.

“I’m sorry,” Ning Xin said. “I left my unlimited card at home.”

Ning Xin came from a rich family, yet she had come out with a different bag today and left all her cards in the other bag.

Out of options, Yang Qiong took out her phone and called her assistant, “Hey, I’m at the MiuMiu in

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