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Xu Xiyan wanted to take the ring off and put it back into the ring box, but the manager thought that she was refusing to take the ring.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Huo, you can leave with the ring on your finger,” Mr. Liu said.

“…” Xu Xiyan was dumbfounded. Are you telling me to leave with an 8 billion yuan ring on my finger? Without a receipt or anything? The Huos sure are a bunch of bold people, huh?

Since Xu Xinrou was standing near Xu Xiyan, she could make out that it was Huo Yunshen on the other side of the phone.

It was as if she was slapped in the face by the fact.

It was Huo Yunshen who had taken the ring she loved and gave it to the person she hated the most.

The anger and hatred that she was feeling at that moment almost made her bleed from her eyes.

And now she had to look at Xu Xiyan differently. She’d never thought that Xu Xiyan had the nerve to become acquainted with Huo Yunshen.

An 8 billion yuan ring, just like that? Xu Xinrou scolded in her head. Are they married? Married before me?

Fang Xiaocheng never thought that they would meet the little bitch.

And when she looked at Xu Xinrou’s expression worsening every second, her heart fluttered.

It was clear that Xu Xinrou loved that ring very much and thought that Huo Jingtang could get it for her, but in the end, the ring ended up on Xu Xiyan’s finger.

Even if Fang Xiaocheng wasn’t the one who got the ring, she was still proud of what had happened.

“Yanyan, I never thought that Mr. Huo loved you this much,” Fang Xiaocheng said while holding Xu Xiyan’s hand. “He bought the 8 billion yuan ring without blinking and didn’t even tell you. Isn’t that romantic?”

Everything was also beyond Xu Xiyan’s expectation. She’d never thought that the shy and depressed Huo Yunshen would give her such a big surprise.

There was no way that Xu Xiyan could stand still in face of such a romantic man.

“Mr. Huo is a very profound person, unlike someone who looks impressive but is actually worthless,” Xu Xiyan said since the chance for her to bite back wouldn’t come by easily.

The remark was for Huo Jingtang for being selfish and evil.

“…” Huo Jingtang’s expression instantly darkened as he understood that Xu Xiyan was talking about him.

Huo Jingtang vowed to punish the girl in front of him for disgracing him.

What he’d never expected was for Huo Erqi to side with Huo Yunshen.

But in truth, who wouldn’t?

How could he not think of the outcome if he thought of how he tried to take over Yunhai Entertainment by force?

All Huo Yunshen’s three sisters loved their little brother very much. There was no way that they would help Huo Jingtang when he tried to hurt Huo Yunshen.

“But don’t you think this ring is too big?” Xu Xiyan said, turning to Fang Xiaocheng. “Won’t it attract too much attention?”

“It’s not really that big. All I can say is that Mr. Huo is good at choosing. 521 means ‘I love you.’ I dare to say that even someon

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