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Chapter 527: Confessed With All His Heart Translator:Larbre StudioEditor:Larbre Studio

It was all his fault. It was all because of his incompetence in handling the situation that his daughter had been abducted.

The truth was, after he had fired the two employees and turned them over to the authorities, he had no idea that Huo Jingtang had bribed them as soon they were released.

Huo Jingtang was looking to take advantage of the two men’s vengefulness and had employed them himself.

Even if the truth of the incident was exposed after they’d been used to deal with Huo Yunshen, nobody would suspect that he was behind it.

Huo Yunshen returned to the ward. Ying Bao was asleep. Xu Xiyan noticed that he was looking a bit troubled. She asked, “Uncle, are you all right?”

“I’m all right.” Huo Yunshen shook his head, then curved his lips lightly into a faint smile. He didn’t want to affect Xu Xiyan with his negative emotions.

“What did Second Senior say?”

Just now, Xu Xiyan had seen Yi Xiao come to see Huo Yunshen. The two men had stepped outside to talk, as if they were deliberately hiding something from her. She wondered whether the topic of their conversation had anything to do with Ying Bao’s kidnapping.

Huo Yunshen knew that the more he tried to hide the matter, the more curious she would become. He decided that he might as well tell her the truth, “Jing Xi, what if I told you that I had indirectly caused the child’s abduction? Would you blame me?”

He then proceeded to tell Xu Xiyan all possible causes of the incident. After listening, Xu Xiyan smiled and said, “How could I blame you? You were only being a responsible leader of your company and you’re right for punishing them. It was obvious that the two men were holding a grudge against you and that’s why they harmed Ying Bao.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Huo Yunshen looked down, away from her, thinking for a moment. Then he lifted his head and said, “Jing Xi, if… if you and the child will be in constant risk of danger because of me, are you still willing to be with me?”

Huo Yunshen was thinking about his plans in the long run.

If his identity as the supreme leader of the JS group was exposed one day, he was afraid that the dangers he would face would be unthinkable.

Those from the Dark Zone, the survivors of exterminated terrorist groups, and the relatives of those who were killed as mission targets…

Danger may come from everywhere.

When that time came, how was he going to protect his most beloved family?

“You’re so stupid!” Xu Xiyan held his hand and looked into his eyes. She said to him very seriously, “I will follow you no matter where you go. I don’t care what kind of dangers are there. I’m not afraid.”

She pressed her hand to his chest, over his heart, as if she was swearing an oath to the gods. “Even if it was a place full of peril, or even in death or hell, as long as you’re there, I’ll be there too. Huo Yunshen, i

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