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Chapter 529: Not On Good Terms In The First Place Translator:Larbre StudioEditor:Larbre Studio

Chen Yunlu was angry. She would feel really unhappy inside if the daughter of Jing Ruyue were to become her daughter-in-law.

“What’s wrong with her? She doesn’t mind your son being a cripple and she doesn’t covet your son’s status. She painstakingly gave birth to a child alone so your son would still have a legacy. Mom, just put yourself in my shoes and think—don’t you think a good girl like her is hard to find in this world?”

Huo Yunshen had already set his mind on Xu Xiyan anyway. He would marry no other than her in his lifetime.

“I know, but I’m just feeling displeased. Whenever I think of her mother, I will…”

Chen Yunlu couldn’t describe how displeased she was.

“Mom, you should respect the dead. Auntie Jing has already been gone for more than ten years. You should let go of your grudges against her. Besides, why should the younger generation bear the grudges of the older generation? Don’t you wish to see your next generation living a happy life?”


Chen Yunlu was speechless.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t understand those reasonings. It was just that she couldn’t let go of her grudges.

It was just like a thorn in her heart. It hurt whenever it was tampered with and it was difficult to root it out.

In the end, Chen Yunlu was still stubborn. “In any case, I will only recognize my own granddaughter. I’m taking her back to the Huo family house after she is discharged from the hospital. I don’t want the blood of our Huo family to stray outside.”

“I know, Mom. You should go home now!”

Huo Yunshen would bring the child back to the Huo family. He would finalize his marriage plans with Xu Xiyan after settling recent affairs, and bring both mother and daughter home as legitimate wife and daughter.

Huo Yunshen herded his mother out of the ward. When Chen Yunlu came to the door, she realized something was amiss. “Yunshen, where’s your wheelchair? You can walk again?”


“That’s great!”

Chen Yunlu felt this was great news. Her son who had been disabled for five years actually stood up again.

Chen Yunlu left the ward in a pleasant mood. But when she got out to the corridor, she met Xu Xiyan who was waiting outside the ward.

Their eyes met. They glared at each other as if they were born enemies.

Chen Yunlu gave a scornful look and Xu Xiyan behaved like a stranger in front of her. Neither of them greeted the other.

They were not on good terms in the first place anyway. There was no way Xu Xiyan was going to act humble in front of Chen Yunlu.

Even if she had backed down 10,000 steps, she would not accommodate her just because she was Huo Yunshen’s mother and would not even act against her will just to please her if she were to be with Huo Yunshen in the future.

She believed that a harmonious relationship between mother and daughter-in-law could not be forced.


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