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If not for the shop assistant, there was no way that Xu Xinrou would have taken the ring off.

Xu Xiyan extended her pale left hand and let the shop assistant help put the ring on. Out of everyone’s expectation, the ring fit perfectly on her ring finger, as if the ring was specifically made for her.

Xu Xiyan looked at the ring on her finger and could not help but exhale.

Choosing a ring was like choosing a partner. If it was not a match, then it would never work out.

Xu Xinrou stared at Xu Xiyan as she put the ring on, her heart filled with jealousy.

“It’s beautiful! It was as if the ring was made for you!’ Fang Xiaocheng exhaled. “Now I do really believe in Cinderella’s story! Only Cinderella could wear the glass shoe, not some vile old sister.”

“…” Xu Xinrou stared at Fang Xiaocheng. She’s doing that on purpose, right?

It clearly meant that Xu Xinrou was like Cinderella’s sisters who could not put on the glass shoe.

Xu Xinrou was already filled with rage but could not do anything.

She could only wait for Huo Jingtang to return.

Huo Jingtang returned a few minutes later and said, “Don’t worry, everything has been settled. The manager will come out later.”

Huo Jingtang had already called Huo Erqi, telling her that his fiancé was trying on a ring and wanted to alter the size.

Just as Xu Xiyan was trying on the ring, a man in a suit rushed over and smiled. “May I know which one of you is Mrs. Huo?”

From the nametag he was wearing, he was the manager that went by the name Liu.

He must’ve rushed over as soon as he got a call from Huo Erqi.

“It’s me!” Xu Xinrou replied almost instantly.

“One moment,” Mr. Liu said as he checked the photo on his phone. “My apologies, but you’re not the Mrs. Huo I’m looking for.”

“Not me? Then who else?”

Mr. Liu looked at Fang Xiaocheng then at Xu Xiyan and smiled.

“You must be Mrs. Huo,” Mr. Liu greeted.

Xu Xiyan stood still and had no idea what was going on as she began to wonder if the manager had some sort of eye problem.

“Mrs. Huo? Her? There’s no way it’s her. I’m Mrs. Huo!” Xu Xinrou scolded.

“Mr. Liu, didn’t your boss call you just now?” Huo Jingtang asked as he was starting to lose his composure.

“She did,” the manager replied. “She told me to look for a Mrs. Huo that goes by the name Jing Xi.”

All of them were rendered speechless instantly.

“Miss Jing Xi, may I see your identification please,” Mr. Liu said.

Wait, what? Xu Xiyan looked at the manager with a dumbfounded expression. What’s going on?

“One sec!” Fang Xiaocheng replied as she noticed Xu Xiyan’s mind was still blank. She quickly took out Xu Xiyan’s ID from her purse and handed it over to Mr. Liu.

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