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The store attendant led them up the central staircase, to the special exhibition hall on the second floor.

There was a stand-alone glass display in the special exhibition hall. The attendant removed the red silk cloth covering it, and smiled as she introduced the ring inside, “This is one of the rings in our store with a diamond bigger than five carats. It has a special name: ‘Love Forever.’ Please, have a look.”

As soon as she laid eyes on the diamond ring, Xu Xiyan was taken with the ring’s unique five-claw design.

The flawless diamond rested upon a platinum ring, nestled securely within the clutches of five tiny claws. It shone like a brilliant star.

The ring was absolutely gorgeous. No one could resist its dazzling beauty.

Fang Xiaocheng was also gawking at the ring. She pulled Xu Xiyan closer as she asked, “Yanyan, what about this one? Do you think it’s pretty?”

“It’s lovely. It’s beautiful. This has to be the most stunning, most unique ring I’ve ever seen…” Xu Xiyan had plastered herself over the display and was now staring at the ring, transfixed. It was love at first sight.

“Want to try it?” asked Fang Xiaocheng.

“Me? You should be the one trying it, not me!”

Xu Xiyan hadn’t forgotten that she was only there to help Fang Xiaocheng choose a ring.

“I don’t want to try it. You try it. I think it’ll look very nice on you.”

“…” Xu Xiyan was sorely tempted.

Just as the two women were drooling over the ring, there was a sudden commotion on the first floor. Two new customers had just walked into the store.

Xu Xiyan and Fang Xiaocheng walked curiously over to the second floor balcony to see what was going on. They looked out over the railing and saw that Xu Xinrou and Huo Jingtang had just entered the store.

Xu Xinrou was wearing a white ankle-length dress; she looked like a white lotus, pure and innocent. She had a hand around Huo Jingtang’s arm.The two of them looked like a sweet couple who were madly in love with each other.

Xu Xinrou had originally planned to stay quietly at home to protect her baby, but she had already promised Huo Jingtang some time ago that she would go out with him and choose a ring on this day. She had therefore gotten dressed and left the safety of her home, unable to resist the temptation of shopping for her own ring.

But as fate would have it, she had spotted one of the people she hated most as soon as she stepped into The Blue Gemstone—Xu Xiyan.

Why was she here?

Huo Jingtang had also spotted Jing Xi. He exchanged a pointed look with Xu Xinrou.

“Ugh, it’s that disgusting couple again. Forget them, we should concentrate on what we’re here for,” said Fang Xiaocheng. She pulled Xu Xiyan back to the display and said to the store attendant, “Can we try this ring?”

“Oh no, let’s not try it.”

Xu Xiyan stealthily gave a warning tug on Fang Xiaocheng’s sleeves. She was afraid that they would somehow damage the ring if they tried it. They woul

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