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Huo Yunshen believed that her fears were superfluous but he did not blame her. If someone were to be blamed, it should be his mother who had always over-complicated things.

When he told Xu Xiyan that she would return to the Huo family with her daughter, Xu Xiyan’s heart brimmed with joy. She continued, testing him. “Well, you’re right, but I… but I’m just your life assistant… If I were to return to the Huo family with you, they would definitely gossip about me. I don’t want anyone to talk nonsense about me…”

It was true that the two of them had already confessed and made their feelings for each other clear, but it was still just that particular detail that didn’t make it all feel quite right.

Huo Yunshen understood her worries. He comforted her, “No, that won’t happen. I’m taking my wife and child home. Who would dare to say anything about that?”

What did he say?


It seemed that this was the first time she heard him say the word.

Xu Xiyan felt a bit excited and yet confused at the same time by what he said. It was just that she wasn’t sure when she could be officially called a “wife.”

He hadn’t even proposed to her yet!

In fact, Huo Yunshen had already considered Xu Xiyan’s worries.

He had said since long ago that, as long his health was restored and he was able to stand up again, he would propose to her.

But a marriage proposal would not be as simple as confessing his feelings. He had to spend more time to prepare for it carefully.

At least, he had to wait for his daughter to recover and be discharged from the hospital first.

In the ward, Huo Yunshen held both of her hands, gazing unblinkingly into her eyes. Her eyelashes were wet and her eyes were still red. After crying, she looked like a peach after the rain. She looked especially attractive.

He felt himself being pulled towards her. He couldn’t help but feel like kissing her again.

His thin lips closed in on her. Their breaths overlapped. He was about to kiss her.


The little girl on the hospital bed woke up and saw her parents were about to kiss. She cried out, “Daddy! Mommy!”


Their daughter was awake!

The two jerked away from each other as if they’d been electrocuted. Their hearts thumped like thunder in their chests as they quickly straightened their clothes and hair.

How embarrassing it was to be seen kissing each other passionately by their daughter. They had to be careful next time and not engage in such intimate acts in front of the child.

After Xu Xiyan smoothed out her hair and calmed her trembling heartbeats, she turned around and asked the child, “Baby, you’re awake?”

“Yup.” Ying Bao nodded, then pouted her little mouth. She was beginning to look a bit unhappy. “Daddy, Mommy, why were you two playing a kissing game without me? Baby wants a kiss too.”

Xu Xiyan’s face was as red as an overripe tomato. After her daughter said that, it became even redder.

“You were a

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