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Every time Ying Bao hurt herself, Xu Xiyan would blow on her wounds to give the little kid a feeling that it would heal faster.

But it was different this time. A part of Ying Bao’s skull had a crack on it, and it almost damaged her brain.

“All right, I’ll blow on it for you. But you have to listen to me, okay?”


Xu Xiyan blew on the little girl’s head as the little girl tilted her head and said, “I feel better, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Huo Yunshen looked at his child and felt hurt inside. He knew that she was bored from staying at the hospital for so long.

“Cherry, your mummy has an audition later,” Huo Yunshen said. “Why don’t I call Chengcheng and Feimo over to play with you?”

“Yay! Daddy, faster call them!” Ying Bao clapped happily and turned to her mother. “Mummy should hurry up to the audition, I can take care of myself.”

Xu Xiyan was relieved that Huo Yunshen was by Ying Bao’s side. She helped her daughter to clean herself.

“Here, take these with you,” Huo Yunshen said and handed Xu Xiyan a paper bag.

“What’s in there?” Xu Xiyan opened the bag and noticed that there was a white dress and a few documents inside.

“It might help you with your audition.”

Xu Xiyan could smell a faint aroma from the dress. She opened the documents and realized they were all about the audition with ROSUE company.

“Thank you,” Xu Xiyan said and kissed Huo Yunshen on his cheek before she left.

Xu Xinrou woke up the next day as her parents were sitting by her side.

“Rourou, how are you feeling?” Su Lei asked, her eyes reddened from excessive crying.

“Dad… Mum…” Xu Xinrou saw her parents and tried to get up, but a sudden pain from her stomach pulled her back to the bed.

“You should keep your movement to a minimum,” Su Lei said while pushing her down. “You just came out from surgery, it’s best if you do not move too much.”

“Mum… My child…”

Xu Xinrou regretted not listening to her mother and insisting on going out.

“Forget about the child, you just had your uterus removed…” Su Lei said without thinking before Xu Jinshan kicked her in her leg, signaling her to not tell their child now.

“Mum, what did you said? My uterus was removed?”

“No, you heard it wrong. Your uterus wasn’t removed but the bleeding was too much.”

“Dad, tell me the truth, did they take away my uterus?”

There was no other explanation for the pain in her stomach.

“Rourou, please calm down. We had to do that or else you might’ve died,” Xu Jinshan said.

“Why? Why did they take it away? Who gave them the right!”

Xu Xinrou was furious as she tried to get out from the bed.

“Rourou, please, don’t move. It’ll be bad if the bleeding occurs again!” Su Lei tried to push her daughter down as she turned to her husband for help.

Xu Jinshan looked at her daughter who used to be proud of herself going insane. He had no other choice but to bite his lip and slap her.

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