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Every word that Fang Xiaocheng and Xu Xiyan had said was targeted at a certain someone.

“Let’s go, let’s not waste any more time here,” Xu Xiyan said as she wanted to see Huo Yunshen. The sooner, the better.

“All right, let’s go,” Fang Xiaocheng agreed.

“…” Xu Xinrou looked at both of them, and her eyes were already all red as if they would bleed at any moment.

She blamed it all on Huo Jingtang for being humiliated in front of other people.

“Jingtang, what should we do now?” Xu Xinrou asked with a cute voice. “I really want that ring…”

“How about we look for other rings? You can choose any bigger ring that you like.”

“I don’t want those! I want that ring!”

Xu Xinrou would never admit that she’d lost to Xu Xiyan.

“Miss Jing Xi, please wait,” Huo Jingtang said as he stopped Xu Xiyan.

“What do you want now?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Name your price.”

“I don’t really get what you mean.”

“How much do you need for the ring?”

“This ring is already mine, why should I sell it to you?” Xu Xiyan asked as she looked at Huo Jingtang in awe.

“Because my fiancé wants it,” Huo Jingtang replied without any expression.

“Seriously?” Xu Xiyan scolded as she sneaked a peek at Xu Xinrou, unable to believe that there were people in the world who thought they could get anything with money. “So what you mean is that you will get whatever your fiancé wants for her? So if she wants to go to hell, you would also fulfill her wish, right?”

“Don’t get too overboard!” Xu Xinrou shouted. She hated Xu Xiyan’s wit the most. How she wished that one day she could tear Xu Xiyan’s head off her body/

“…” Huo Jingtang took a deep breath as he tried to calm his anger down.

This was his first time that anyone had even dared to mock him.

Even if the woman in front of him was smiling sweetly, her words were like needles pricking at them.

“What’s overboard? Let me tell you this, I will never give away anything that belongs to me!”

Xu Xiyan knew Xu Xinrou too well. Every since they were little, Xu Xinrou would always take away anything that belonged to Xu Xiyan, even if she hated that thing.

Xu Xiyan glared at Xu Xinrou and Huo Jingtang before pulling Fang Xiaocheng towards the stairs.

Xu Xinrou ran in front of them and stopped them from leaving.

“You better give me that ring, or I’ll spread your nudes online!” Xu Xinrou warned. “You know what will happen if I do that, right?”

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