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Chapter 532: Completely Flustered Translator:Larbre StudioEditor:Larbre Studio

Xu Xiyan returned to the ward once again. This time, she had already sorted herself out and touched up her makeup so she would not look like she had cried before.

When Huo Yunshen saw her return, he promptly apologized. “I’m sorry, Jing Xi. I’ve given you trouble.”

Just now when his mother had come, Xu Xiyan could only go outside to avoid her. In any case, Huo Yunshen felt that he had let her feel wronged.

“No, not at all.” Xu Xiyan shook her head and forced a bitter smile, but she didn’t realize how reluctant and unpleasant her smile was.

Even her eyes were deliberately avoiding his gaze. She did not dare to look him in the eye.

If two people love each other deeply, they would easily catch any subtle changes in their partner in their eyes and movements.

What’s more, he had always been a sensitive and delicate man. He could already feel that she was deliberately avoiding him.

Was it because of his mother?

Did her mother say something unpleasant to her before she left?

“Jing Xi, are you okay?”

He reached out to hold her delicate hand and found that her hand was cold, bereft of warmth. “Why is your hand so cold?”

“I’m really fine, Uncle.”

Xu Xiyan retracted her hand absently and replied as if nothing had happened, “My hand is cold because I’ve suddenly received an audition notice from ROSUE. I was so nervous that my hand grew cold.”

Huo Yunshen’s first reaction to her response was that she was lying.

As the behind-the-scenes boss of Jingyue Entertainment, Huo Yunshen knew Xu Xiyan’s advertising contract and arrangements like the back of his hand. He knew that ROSUE’s audition had already been confirmed long ago and she only needed to participate in the audition on time tomorrow.

So when he heard her say that she had suddenly received an audition notice and became nervous because of it, he knew that she was purely lying.

Was she lying to hide something?

Instead of exposing her lies, Huo Yunshen took her little hand again and held it tightly in his. He said to her sincerely, “Jing Xi, tell me the truth. Is something bothering you? Don’t hide it from me. If there are any problems, we should solve them together.”

What Huo Yunshen didn’t want the most was a wall between them.

He hoped that they could trust each other and face all difficulties together.

His dry and warm hand wrapped around her cold hand. His warmth was quickly passed to her, melting even the ice in her heart.

Even though he was not good at expressing himself, even though he was shy and reserved, he still loved her as much as she loved him.

Xu Xiyan persuaded herself in her heart for a moment before finally having the courage to look him in the eye.

As she looked into his deep and clear eyes, Xu Xiyan knew that he had extraordinary insight. Even though she had deliberately hidden her troubles from him, he had stil

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