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“Congratulations, Mrs. Huo,” Mr. Liu said after verifying Xu Xiyan’s identity. “Mr. Huo has specifically ordered this Forever Love for you. The 5.21 Karat diamond on the ring represents the love that he has for you.”

Xu Xiyan eyes instantly widened as soon as she heard the manager’s words.

It was unbelievable that the Mrs. Huo he meant was actually her.

Did Huo Yunshen order this ring for me? Xu Xiyan pondered.

Even Xu Xinrou and Huo Jingtang were both in shock, especially Xu Xinrou, whose eyes almost popped out from her head.

Xu Xinrou turned to Huo Jingtang and asked, “You bought that ring for her?”

“Of course not! It wasn’t me!”

Huo Jingtang knew that the “Mr. Huo” that the manager had referred to was Huo Yunshen.

“Please excuse me, I need to make a call,” Xu Xiyan said, as she was worried that it might be a scam.

Since the price of the ring was extraordinary high, and since Huo Jingtang had gone out to make a call, she was worried that it was a trap set by Huo Jingtang.

Huo Jingtang might call her a thief as soon as she stepped out of the shop.

Xu Xiyan thought of the worst case scenario and picked up her phone to call Huo Yunshen.

“Jing Xi? Hello,” Huo Yunshen’s voice came from the other side of the phone after two seconds.

“Uncle, it’s me. The Forever Love…”

“Do you like it? Does it fit?”

It really was him who bought me the ring? Xu Xiyan said in her head. Without telling me? What the heck?

Even though there were many questions in her head, Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but feel like the happiest woman in the world.

Just as a gush of sweetness rushed through her heart, a swarm of emotions and sadness also rose.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but recall how much both of them had to go through to reach where they were now.

She had finally captured his heart and spring had finally arrived.

The surprise was too big. She had her hands over her mouth and tears of happiness began to roll down her cheeks as she stared at the ring.

“Yes, I love it! Thank you!” Xu Xiyan finally replied after she wiped her tears away.

After Xu Xiyan had hung up, Fang Xiaocheng patted her shoulder and said, “Yanyan, your wish finally came true.”

That was right, Xu Xiyan’s wish was to have Huo Yunshen love her as much as she loved him.

And now, her wish had finally come true.

All the time that was spent waiting and every pain that she’d gone through…it was all worth it.

All for this one day, this one moment.

Tears also rolled down Fang Xiaocheng’s cheeks as her friend had finally found her happiness.

Her best friend ever since they were children, a girl that grew up in pain.

She had finally found a man who was willing to love her wholeheartedly and Fang Xiaocheng wished for their forever happiness.

“Thank you, Mr. Liu,” Xu Xiyan said after confirming that it was Huo Yunshen who had bought her the ring. “I’ll take the ring off now…”


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