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After Fang Xiaocheng dragged Xu Xiyan away, the two remaining occupants of the hospital room happily high-fived each other.

“Yay! Xi baby won’t be able to guess the surprise Daddy prepared for her.”

“Yup. It’s not a surprise if she can guess what it is!”

This was all part of Huo Yunshen’s plan. He had arranged everything—including Fang Xiaocheng’s “sudden urge” to get Xu Xiyan to help her choose a ring.

Under normal circumstances, Fang Xiaocheng would never have gone to The Blue Gemstone to pick out a ring: the store was much too expensive for her. Huo Yunshen had therefore cunningly lured them to the store with a 99% discount card. He needed them in the store to implement the next step of his plan.

After leaving the hospital, the two women made a beeline for the The Blue Gemstone’s flagship store, the most famous jewelry store in the city.

As soon as she walked into the luxurious store, Xu Xiyan was almost blinded by all the dazzling jewelry on display.

The Blue Gemstone’s flagship store was the largest, grandest jewelry store in all of Peijing. It was divided into two sections.

The simpler, more generic jewelry designs were displayed on the first floor of the outer section.

Further inside, there was a staircase leading to a second floor that looked out over the first floor. The lavish jewelry in this section rivaled that of palace museums; the diamonds here were bigger and much more expensive.

The two women looked at the shiny, dazzling rings in the glass displays. The diamonds that were smaller than one carat had five figure price tags; the bigger ones started at six figures.

Holy smokes—they would never have dared set foot in this store if it weren’t for the 99% off discount card.

“Oh my god, they’re so beautiful…” whispered Xu Xiyan as she looked at the rings.

The rings designed by Huo Erqi were stylish and exquisite. They were absolutely stunning to look at.

“They’re beautiful, all right—but they’re also frickin’ expensive!”

Fang Xiaocheng could not help swearing as she counted the long string of zeros on the price tag.

If it had been up to her, she would have gone to one of the cheaper jewelry chain stores. She would never have had the courage to enter a high-class luxury store like The Blue Gemstone.

The two women could not tear their eyes away from the jewelry before them. It was part of their feminine nature to be attracted to anything that glittered and sparkled. A pretty store attendant walked up to them and said, “Welcome. How may I help you today?”

“We’ll look around on our own, thanks.”

Fang Xiaocheng did not like having store attendants hovering around her. She grabbed Xu Xiyan’s hand and pulled her further into the store.

They toured the store, checking all the displays. When they were done, the two women had been dazzled by so many rings they were seeing stars. The rings were all beautiful—and outrageously expensive.

“See anything you lik

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