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Chapter 526: My Dear Baby Translator:Larbre StudioEditor:Larbre Studio

Just by listening to the hasty clatter of footsteps, he could already guess who had come.

“Hey-hey-hey…” Huo Sanyan shot herself towards the hospital bed. Her face was full of anxiety. “Have I come too late? I only got word in the morning, so I came over right away. Is my eldest niece already feeling better?”

Ye Xun turned and glared at her. “Hey, be gentle and don’t scare the child.”

“Oh, oh, sorry!” Huo Sanyan clasped her hands together apologetically.

She turned to look at the little girl on the bed. She smiled as she greeted her, “Hi, my dear baby. Do you know who I am?”

“Auntie Three-Eyes,” Ying Bao replied, spritely and surely.

Huo Sanyan put on a very serious expression as she corrected her, “No, no, I’m not just any auntie. I’m your ‘gugu.’ You should call me ‘gugu,’ understand?”

Ying Bao did not understand. She cocked her head and asked, “What’s a ‘gugu?'”

“Erm… it means that your father and I have the same mother, and when your father gave birth to you, you’re my biological niece because of our blood relationship. So you should call me ‘gugu,’ understand?”

Huo Sanyan was having a hard time explaining and the little girl still wore a blank expression on her face. Huo Sanyan was beginning to become flustered.

Xu Xiyan felt that Huo Sanyan’s explanation was too complicated and decided to help. “Baby, do you remember how to sing that nursery rhyme? What do you call Daddy’s sisters in chinese?”

The little girl recalled the nursery rhyme and recited it to herself in her heart before finally getting it. “Baby remembers now! Daddy’s sisters are called ‘gugu’ in chinese. Auntie Sanyan is Daddy’s sister, so she is my ‘gugu.'”

The child finally understood and Huo Sanyan was very happy. She caressed the child’s little face as she praised, “Oh my, my big niece is so smart and clever. How adorable!”

After coaxing the child, Huo Sanyan turned to look at Xu Xiyan, then at Huo Yunshen. She said in a reprimanding tone, “What should I say about you two? Don’t you think the both of you are being overly secretive about the child? I had no idea the child was already this grown up. If it wasn’t for this incident, we would never have known that the two of you already have a child. Seriously, my lovely eldest niece suffered so much grievance for nothing because of this.”

Before, Huo Sanyan thought that Huo Yunshen was trying to please his parents by taking Ying Bao back to the Huo family house and showing them the child. She thought that it was for their father’s sake that her brother had lied to everyone and said that the child was his daughter.

But now, she finally knew the truth, and it was great. She was really happy for her brother.

“Sis, for the time being I hope you will not expose Ying Bao to the public for her safety’s sake.”

Huo Yunshen had to remind his sister as a precaution. Otherwise, she would definitel

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