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After taking a deep breath, Xu Xiyan knocked on the door twice and pushed it open.

Ying Bao was sleeping soundly while Huo Yunshen sat by the bed with a laptop on his leg while he worked on some business-related work.

He heard the knock, stopped what he was doing and raised his head.

He quickly closed his laptop as he noticed that it was Xu Xiyan who walked in. “You’re here.”

Xu Xiyan’s heart skipped a beat as their eyes met. She stared at him quietly as if she wanted to engrave the picture of her prince charming into her mind.

The man kept smiling as he also returned a calm and affectionate stare.

“Uncle, explain this,” Xu Xiyan said as she pointed to the ring on her left hand.

It was still the same as before, the natural and warm conversation.

She did not even greet or address him with the flirtatious way that she’d thought of.

“I have to apologize for that, I should not have worried too much,” Huo Yunshen said without any shyness. “I should’ve given that to you earlier and told you that you’re my woman and I want you to stay by my side forever.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for, I’m so happy right now,” Xu Xiyan said as tears of happiness began to roll down her cheeks.

Now that their relationship was stable, it was as if a heavy burden was lifted from their bodies.

“Jing Xi, come here,” Huo Yunshen said with his arms wide open, waiting for a hug like a little kid.

Xu Xiyan put everything down and rushed into his arms.

The man hugged her tightly, tighter than ever. It was as if he was trying to push her into his body and into his whole life.

He kissed her hair and slowly made his way down to her eyes where he sucked her tears dry.

With his hands slightly lifting her head, he moved his lips down to her nose and finally their lips locked as if two magnets were stuck together as they began to kiss wildly.

The room was quiet as the warmth from their affection slowly heated the room up.

The two people were expressing their love and longing through their kiss.

It was a beautiful scene that people would want to keep forever.

Yet a whole different scene was happening in the same hospital but different room.

Xu Xinrou was diagnosed to have miscarried her child.

Even though Huo Jingtang had gotten her to the hospital as soon as he could, they were still too late.

She lay on the bed. Her face was pale, and her body was weak, yet the hatred in her eyes wasn’t gone.

“Jing Xi! It was all her!” Xu Xinrou scolded. “If not for her, I would’ve never fallen down those stairs, and my child would still be alive!”

She thought of her lost child and her hatred intensified.

She blamed it all on Xu Xiyan, believing that all of the misfortune that happened that day was because of Xu Xiyan.

But she never thought that she was to blame the most. The child inside her was already weak, and if she’d listened to the doctor and rested at home, or if she did not st

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