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Huo Jingtang introduced Xu Xinrou as his fiancé publicly, and it made her lift her head as high as she could while glaring at Xu Xiyan.

It was as if she was telling Xu Xiyan to piss off.

The shop assistant was in a pinch. Technically, she should give Fang Xiancheng and Xu Xiyan the ring as they had asked for it first. But the other party was one of the Huo family’s young masters, and there was no way she could afford offending him.

“Hey, we chose the ring first, we should be the one to try it on first!” Fang Xiaocheng scolded when she noticed that the shop assistant had no idea what to do.

“Don’t tell me you’re planning to buy that?” Xu Xinrou mocked. “That alone costs 8 billion, can you even afford that? If you can’t then don’t even bother trying it. You won’t be able to pay for it if you break it!”

“Why you little…!” Fang Xiaocheng was about to argue with Xu Xinrou but was stopped by Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan did not want to see Fang Xiaocheng fighting with Xu Xinrou over a ring, Xu Xinrou wasn’t even worth the fight.

“Let her try it first,” Xu Xiyan smiled. “She’s a huge star in showbiz now, and we should show our respect to our senior.”

“…” Xu Xinrou could not find any words to reply. She had no idea why her skin would tingle every time Xu Xiyan opened her mouth. It was as if Xu Xiyan had just called her old or something.

The shop assistant took out the ring and placed it in front of Xu Xinrou.

Xu Xinrou looked at the ring, and her eyes lit up. “Love Forever” was way too beautiful.

She loved the design and the meaning behind the ring.

She’d even come to check on the ring when she was about to marry Chu Yuhe.

And now she finally had the chance to buy it.

Xu Xinrou took the ring out and tried to put it on her ring finger.

But the ring was too small, and it would not fit no matter how hard she tried. The only finger that she could fit the ring on was her pinky.

“This is way too small!” Xu Xinrou shouted out of frustration. “Is there a bigger size?”

Fang Xiaocheng hugged her arms as a smile appeared on her face. It’s not the ring that’s small, your finger is just too thick for it!

“My apologies, but there’s only one Love Forever in the entire world,” the shop assistant said.

The whole situation became awkward. Xu Xinrou had only looked at the ring before, and this was her first time trying it on. She had no idea that the ring would not fit her ring finger.

“Can you make it bigger? I can pay for the extra fees,” Xu Xinrou said.

“Again, my apologies, but we cannot provide any alterations to this ring. May I suggest you try another ring?”

Xu Xinrou turned to look at Huo Jingtang anxiously, hoping that he could do something.

“One moment, I’ll make a call,” Huo Jingtang said and took out his phone to call Huo Erqi.

Huo Jingtang went out to make the call and left Xu Xinrou in the store staring at her beloved ring.

It was just too beautiful.

It was at that

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