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The child was already restless after getting better. But what she didn’t realize at all was the consequences of jumping on a small and narrow hospital bed.

Not only was it bad for her head injury, but it was easy to slip and fall from the bed.

Seeing that Ying Bao was jumping near the edge of the bed and in danger of falling off anytime, Huo Yunshen dropped the water basin from his hands. His heart almost leaped out to his throat. “Cherry, watch out!”

Ying Bao kept on bouncing until she suddenly lost her footing. Her little body instantly fell towards the ground.


Seeing that his daughter was in imminent danger and was about to fall to the ground, Huo Yunshen rushed forward and dove toward the ground, sliding his body under her in time. He finally succeeded in catching her daughter.

Ying Bao did not fall to the ground but instead fell onto a big and soft meat cushion. Her little hands clenched tight onto her father’s clothes as she lay on top of his chest.

Huo Yunshen looked up and asked his daughter anxiously, “Cherry, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“Baby is okay! Daddy caught Baby! Daddy is so awesome!”

Ying Bao got up and sat on Huo Yunshen’s stomach, clapping her hands happily.

Just now she had seen that her daddy was as fast as lightning. Oh yes, her daddy was really awesome!

“All right, go back to your bed, Ying Bao.”

Huo Yunshen breathed a sigh of relief, glad that his daughter was fine. What was he going to do if she cracked her head again?

Ying Bao shook her little head. She pointed at her own cheek and said, “Baby doesn’t want to. Daddy hasn’t kissed Baby yet.”

So, there was more to it. It turned out that she wanted a kiss.

Huo Yunshen sat up, pulled his daughter close and planted two big kisses on her cheeks. “Is this enough?”

“Mmm hmm!” Ying Bao was really happy. After her wish was fulfilled, she stood up from his stomach and began to climb back onto the hospital bed.

Huo Yunshen helped lift the child up to her bed by supporting her at her feet, then picked himself up from the ground and tucked the child into bed.

After that, he turned around to pick up the water basin from the ground, and went back to the bed to wash the child’s face.

“Daddy, Baby’s head no longer hurts. Can Baby leave the hospital and go home?” Ying Bao said happily.

“Yeah, you’ll be able to soon enough.”

“Great! Baby wants to get discharged from the hospital and go home and hang out with Daddy and Mommy every day.”

“I’m sure you will.”

Huo Yunshen felt that, since his daughter was getting better now, he should step up on his plans for a marriage proposal.

Giving his child a complete family was what he needed to do next.

In order to give Xu Xiyan a surprise, he said to Ying Bao, “Baby, Daddy is planning to give Mommy a big surprise. Can you help Daddy temporarily keep it a secret?”

“Okay, sure! Baby won’t tell Mommy.” Ying Bao nodded like a little chick fee

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