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“Mum, you’ve gone too far! If Xu Xiyan leaves, I’ll leave too!” Huo Yunshen scolded.

He still could not understand why his mother would be so unreasonable. He pulled Xu Xiyan up and was ready to leave the house.

“Yunshen! Stop right there! Are you going to disobey your mother?”

“I don’t have a mother like you!”

The husband would always have to make the hard choice whenever a fight between his mother and his wife broke out. Huo Yunshen finally realized what it meant to be “the man in the middle.”

If he could not convince his mother, then the only choice left for him was to stand by Xu Xiyan’s side.

Maybe because she’d heard the adults arguing, Ying Bao came to the living room and heard her grandmother asking her mom to leave.

“Grandma, why are you asking my mummy to leave?” Ying Bao asked as she hugged Xu Xiyan’s leg. “If you hate mummy then you also hate me too. If mummy is not welcomed here, then I won’t stay either.”

Even though Xu Xiyan did not mind what Chen Yunlu had done to her moments ago, her tears almost dropped after hearing Ying Bao defending her.

“Come on, let’s go,” Xu Xiyan said and lifted her daughter up.

“Leave on your own!” Chen Yunlu shouted. “But the child stays!”

There was no way that she would leave the heir of the Huo family to Xu Xiyan.

Just at that moment, an old voice said, “It really is time for you to leave, you should leave now!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Huo Xun walking over to them with his walking stick.

Chen Yunlu was glad as soon as she heard what the old man had said. She thought that he’d heard what Xu Xiyan had said just now.

She thought that there was no way that the old man would acknowledge Xu Xiyan after she’d shown her true colors.

“Father, just right on time. Help me out here,” Chen Yunlu said as she ran over to Huo Xun to help him, hoping that the old man could defend her as he had the most power in the family.

“Did you not hear what I just said?” Huo Xun said, looking at Chen Yunlu while he threw her helping hand away. “I’m talking about you! You can leave this family, right now!”

“Father…” Chen Yunlu was stunned. Did he mean me?

“Don’t call me that!”

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan ran forward to help Huo Xun to the couch.

With his grandfather here, Huo Yunshen knew that his mother would meet her end. Yet, she had to pay for her sins, and Huo Yunshen would not help her out anymore.

“No one can stir any troubles as long as I remain!” the old man scolded. “What reason do you have to ask Xu Xiyan to leave? Because of what happened dozens of years ago? How dare you call yourself part of our family being such a narrow-minded person! Let me ask you this! What’s wrong is Xu Xiyan being with Huo Yunshen? Are you going to tear them apart? When they already have a child? I’ve already said this before: everything will proceed smoothly as long as the family is at peace. Our family has just gone through a huge incident, and

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