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Huo Jingtang caught tang Shixue just in time and asked, “Miss Tang, where are you heading to?”

Tang Shixue was already drunk. She raised her head and thought it was Huo Yunshen and that he had come back for her.

“Yunshen… don’t leave me…”

She threw herself into the man’s arms and hugged his waist tightly as if she was afraid that he might leave if she loosened her hands.

Huo Jingtang looked a the drunk girl, and a vicious smile appeared on his face. He didn’t even need to do anything, and the girl threw herself to him.

“I won’t leave you, let’s leave,” Huo Jingtang said and placed his arm around her waist as they left the bar.

He did not take her home and instead took her to a nearby hotel.

He threw Tang Shixue onto the bed after they got a room.

The girl had her pale white arms over his neck and kissed him on her own.

Huo Jingtang was unable to refuse her invitation as she was too attractive, and he had his way with her.

Huo Yunshen returned home to realize that Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao were watching TV on the couch.

It was Ying Bao’s favorite cartoon, Peppa Pig, and the little girl laughed while she watched.

Huo Yunshen tiptoed to the couch and kissed Xu Xiyan on her cheek before he sat down beside Ying Bao, rubbing her head and asking, “What’s on the TV?”

“Daddy! You’re back!” Ying Bao greeted and hugged him around his neck while she kissed his cheek.


Huo Yunshen raised her head and looked at Xu Xiyan. She watched the show without any expression and refused to talk to him.

Huo Yunshen lowered his head and asked, “Cherry, can you watch the show alone? Daddy and mommy…”

Before Huo Yunshen could finish his sentence, Ying Bao said, “Are going to make me a little brother? Then hurry up! I want a cute little brother like George!”


Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but kiss Ying Bao on her cheek for her help and pulled Xu Xiyan into the bedroom.

He closed the door, held Xu Xiyan’s hands and smiled, “Are you still angry?”

Xu Xiyan did not reply.

“All right, let me explain.”

Huo Yunshen sat her down on the bed and explained everything that had happened five years ago to her.

“You’re saying that she was in Room 1119, but you made a mistake and went to Room 1109?” Xu Xiyan asked, half believing Huo Yunshen’s explanation.

“Yes, you should believe me now, right? You clung on to me the whole night and kept asking for more, remember?”

“…” Xu Xiyan finally believed him and she calmed down.

As she recalled what had happened five years ago, she realized she was lucky. If Huo Yunshen had not made a mistake and gone into Room 1109, Mr. Li would’ve slept with her.

And Huo Yunshen would’ve already had a child with Tang Shixue that night, and Xu Xiyan would never even have met Huo Yunshen.

She was lucky to not miss him.

As for Tang Shixue, no matter how much she’d planned, in the end, she didn’t even know who she gave her first time to and w

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