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“We finally met,” Xu Xiyan laughed.

“Yes, I really want to thank you,” Huo Yunshen smiled as tears fogged up his eyes. “Thank you for accompanying me through all those lonely nights.

Xu Xiyan did not utter a word as she touched his face. Tears began to fill her eyes too as she looked at his smiling face.

There was an indescribable pain in her heart.

They were lucky that she was a counselor and she knew him more than anyone else.

She knew how deep he’d fallen, even to the edge of losing himself. It was dark and desperate.

That was why her heart ached for him.

“Jing Xi, you’re not only the angel sent by God himself, but you’re also my lucky star.”

His life became better because of her.

“And you’re mine too.”

If she had not met him five years ago, her life would’ve been ruined.

She thanked God that it was him that she had met.

Huo Yunshen lifted her head and said, “The only way I can repay for all your kindness is by giving you all of me.”

He lowered his head and kissed her.

The tides had changed in the entertainment industry.

Huo Yunshen was the one who had helped the Xu and Chu to their success, but it was also he who had ruined their business.

They fell straight from the top and landed hard on the ground.

Xu Jinshan was severely burned in the accident, and even the best plastic surgeon could not help him recover anymore. He was doomed to live a life with an ugly face.

His company, Jinshan Studio, filed for bankruptcy and the Xu family completely lost their standings in Peijing. Su Lei did not want to take care of both Xu Jinshan and his mother, so she decided to take out all of Xu Jinshan’s savings and run away with a handsome young man.

With all that had happened to the Xu family and with the scandal revolving around her, a great impact was dealt to Xu Xinrou’s career.

Not only could she not find a part to play in any movies, but companies that had her as their spokesperson decided to terminate their contract.

After Xu Xinrou’s body had recovered a little, she went to look for Huo Jingtang, but he refused to meet her.

She was completely abandoned by him, even Yunhai Entertainment did not treat her as well as before.

Huo Jingtang might’ve been the one who ordered it. The company stopped giving her the best resources, and it made Xu Xinrou’s status plummet, from an A-list celebrity to the C-list.

To maintain her usual status and image, Xu Xinrou continued to act like she was the best and spent money without any concerns.

Yet, even a gold mine would be depleted one day.

Xu Xinrou soon discovered that all her savings had been used for her father and grandmother’s treatment. Only a few dimes were left in her bank, her mother taking away most of it.

Xu Xinrou was completely broke.

Without any backings, her life was hard. But she was used to living a luxurious life, and there was no way that she could stand living a poor one.


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