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Huo Yunshen ripped Xu Xiyan’s clothes off as soon as they got into the washroom and latched himself onto her.

Their bodies could barely be seen through the fogged up glass. After who knew how long had passed, they came out from the washroom and went to the bedroom.

It was as if they had returned to five years ago, emphasizing their love for each other through their actions.

No matter the challenge nor the misunderstandings, as long as they could trust each other, there would be no wall that they couldn’t climb.

Tang Shixue was only one of the challenges to Huo Yunshen; there was another one waiting for him at home.

His mother.

She’d asked for him to bring Ying Bao back to the Huo mansion tomorrow, and it would be the day for Huo Yunshen to shift the tide.

Huo mansion was welcoming an important day.

Chen Yunlu woke up early in the morning and ordered the maids to prepare for her granddaughter’s arrival.

Huo Zhen sat on the side as he looked at his wife working inside and out.

Even though his condition had stabilized, his legs were paralyzed.

Yet that might not be a bad thing to him, because his son was able to walk again.

It was God’s blessing.

After a while, Chen Yunlu sat down beside him and he said, “Look at how happy you are now that our granddaughter is coming back.”

“Of course I am!”Chen Yunlu smiled as she fanned herself with the moon-shaped fan.

“What are you planning to do?”

Huo Zhen had already heard that Ying Bao was Jing Ruyue’s daughter’s daughter. He knew how much his wife hated Jing Ruyue and now he was worried that she might trouble Xu Xiyan.

“Just you wait! I will call Shixue over this afternoon, too. If she took a liking to Little Cherry and Little Cherry likes her too, then everything will be a breeze.”

“Can you stop doing that?” Huo Zhen scolded. “Do you still not know who your son likes? Why do you have to do this? Aren’t you tired of it?”

“Of course not! If I can get a good daughter-in-law, then my life after that will be easy; but if my daughter-in-law is the daughter of the woman I hated the most, then I will be extremely annoyed.”

Huo Zhen sighed, as he couldn’t stop his wife. All he could hope for was that his son would have a way to take care of the situation.

“I’ll have to call Shixue and remind her.”

Chen Yunlu took her phone out and called Tang Shixue.

Tang Shixue woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. She reached out to her phone and instantly sobered up after she saw who it was.

Just as she was about to sit up to take the call, her body ached all over. She flipped the blanket open and realized that she wasn’t wearing anything.

What the! What happened last night?

The phone kept on ringing. Tang Shixue calmed herself down and answered it.

Chen Yunlu reminded her to head over to the Huo mansion for lunch and told her that Huo Yunshen would be there too.

Tang Shixue suddenly thought of Huo Yunshen.

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