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One of the maids with better eyesight called out as she came rushing to the front garden.

Chen Yunlu raised her head and saw two adults and one child walking towards her.

Huo Yunshen was wearing a beige slimmed suit with a light purple tie and pocket square. Xu Xiyan was in beige A-line dress with a light purple brooch on her chest and a scarf of the same color tied into a bowknot on her waist.

Ying Bao looked like a smaller version of her mother, and she wore the same dress and the same accessories.

Anyone could see they had worn the same colored clothing intentionally.

As soon as Chen Yunlu saw her granddaughter coming back with Xu Xiyan, her smile instantly disappeared, and her heart was filled with an unknown rage.

How dare he bring that bitch back with him! Chen Yunlu frowned.

Just as Huo Yunshen was about to introduce Xu Xiyan to her mother, Chen Yunlu ignored Xu Xiyan and opened her arms to Ying Bao.

“Look at my little Cherry! She’s back! Come and let your grandma have a hug.”

It was awkward, but it was all expected as Xu Xiyan loosened her hand.

Ying Bao walked over to Chen Yunlu and greeted with a cute voice, “Grandma.”

“Good girl! Looks like you’ve become cutter over the past few days.”

Chen Yunlu lifted Ying Bao up and went back into the house as Huo Yunshen guided Xu Xiyan into the house too.

After Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan greeted Huo Zhen in the living room, they went to check up on Huo Xun in the Moxiang Residence.

Ying Bao remained in the living room. As soon as she saw her grandfather, she jumped out of Chen Yunlu’s arms and ran over to him.

“Sleeping King Grandpa, are you finally awake?”

In Ying Bao’s memory, Huo Zhen was always lying on the bed half awake. That was how the nickname came to.

“Yes, the Sleepy King is wide awake now. I’m so happy to be able to see you,” Huo Zhen said as he rubbed Ying Bao’s face.

“Then can you play with me?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t play with you. I’m sick, and I can’t move my body.

Ying Bao remained silent for a few seconds as if she understood something and said, “Grandpa, let me help you massage your leg.”

The little girl started to massage Huo Zhen’s leg like an adult who had no muscle.

“Not bad. Where did you learn how to do that?”

Huo Zhen was happy that the kid was smart and had respect for elders.

“My great-grandfather taught me,” Ying Bao said.

“Good, good.”

As Ying Bao was having fun with Huo Zhen, Chen Yunlu got the spare time to call Tang Shixue and ask where she was.

But Tang Shixue responded that she had an urgent matter and could not make it.

If Tang Shixue can’t make it, doesn’t that mean Jing Xi will get away with everything? Chen Yunlu scolded in her head.

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan had already visited Huo Xun and were now in the living room. Chen Yunlu suddenly noticed the Imperial Green Jadite bangle on Xu Xiyan’s arm, and her eyes widened.

The bangle was someth

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