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“Actually, he majored in film directing back in school. In the beginning, he had started out as a background actor. Later, when he had the resources, he started his own studio and became a director, and made a trendy style online drama. I think it looks promising but he couldn’t find anyone to invest in it and his studio is on the verge of closing business. He was desperate when he came looking to me for help, but I don’t know how I could help him. So, I was wondering if you have any ideas to help him out?”

Fang Xiaocheng briefly explained to Xu Xiyan about her friend’s predicament.

After listening to Fang Xiaocheng, Xu Xiyan pondered for a while, then said, “Can you take me to see your friend?”

“Sure. We can go there now.”

Xu Xiyan followed Fang Xiaocheng to look for her friend.

After arriving at the place, Xu Xiyan got to know Fang Xiaocheng’s friend. His name was Lu Zeyan, a young director who’d had a career change recently. He had no fame and his studio was small, and his production team was quite bare.

Lu Zeyan was also quite handsome and he was ambitious with his ideas. He told Xu Xiyan about the script of the movie he was preparing to shoot.

“This is the overall concept of ​​my movie. The temporary title of the movie is “Those Beautiful Bygone Days.”

“I see, that sounds good.”

Xu Xiyan had analyzed the trend of movies released in recent years. They were filled with impressive stunts and effects and they had large casts of famous actors, but it was difficult to shoot a good film that could evoke the audience’s emotions.

She had briefly read through the script of “Those Beautiful Bygone Days.” She felt that if the film were to be released, it would either flop or become a blockbuster hit that paved a way for unconventional movies like it in the movie industry.

In short, she believed that the movie was worth investing in and decided to invest in it.

She was thinking ahead for her future. She knew she could not spend her whole life as an actor. She may need to retire one day and work behind-the-scenes of a movie production.

Now if she had a studio, she would already be halfway to her goal.

Originally, she wanted to go back and discuss with Huo Yunshen first. But on second thought, she decided to act first and report later.

Obviously, investing had a lot of risks. If it was successful, it could be used as a launching point for her career.

However, if it failed, it would have no effect on Huo Yunshen. She could bear the losses and responsibilities herself.

“I’ve decided, Director Lu. I can invest in this online movie. Can you tell me how much funds you need?” Xu Xiyan asked Lu Zeyan.

Lu Zeyan did not expect Xu Xiyan to be willing to invest. He said excitedly, “Thank you so much. I think we’ll need at least one million Yuan.”

This was a low-budget movie. Since they could not afford to hire famous actors, Lu Zeyan intended to hire newcomers. After estimating all the expe

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