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Xu Xiyan bit Huo Yunshen suddenly and it made him take a deep breath because of the pain.

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me?”

Huo Yunshen turned around and pressed Xu Xiyan under him.

Xu Xiyan lay below him as she stared at his lips which were already bleeding and it made him look sexier.

He was also gazing at her, and it was as if she was being pierced through by his sexy eyes.

“I’m sorry, does it hurt?”

“That should be my question.”

Huo Yunshen took revenge for the bite with another method as he continued another round of sex.

“Hey! It hurts!”

Huo Yunshen was worse than before. His craziness and ferocity were beyond her expectations.

The pain was enough for tears to fall. Her body was already at its limit after being played around with earlier in the morning.

It wasn’t until Xu Xiyan begged Huo Yunshen to stop that he pulled himself away from her as Xu Xiyan fell asleep.

It was already nightfall when Xu Xiyan woke up.

She was the only one in the bedroom. She got up to take a shower and left the bedroom after putting on her clothes.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan were playing The Royal Alliance on the console in the living room. Yiye Zhiqiu and Guanfang Renzheng Xiaoke’ai were officially married in the game. They were shouting while they hunted for monsters.

Ying Bao was drawing pictures next to the dining table while Huo Yunshen was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

Xu Xiyan’s hunger got triggered by the aroma that was coming from the kitchen.

My hubby’s cooking is definitely the best! Looks like I can fill my stomach with good food again!

Xu Xiyan stopped next to Ying Bao and asked, “What are you drawing?”

The first reaction from Ying Bao after hearing her mother’s voice was to cover her drawing with her hands.

She raised her head and greeted, “Mummy.”

“What? Can’t let mummy see your drawings?”

“It’s still not complete yet.”

Ying Bao meant that she wanted to show it to everyone after she had finished her picture.

“Okay, then show it to me once you’re done,” Xu Xiyan said while she rubbed Ying Bao’s head and went to the kitchen.

Xu Xiyan stood at the doorway as she admired the back of the man that was preparing the dinner.

Any normal dish would become an elaborate dish in his hands as he prepared the ingredients proficiently.

Could it be that he’s a magician? Xu Xiyan thought. There’s no other explanation for how he could create such amazing foods.

In Xu Xiyan’s eyes, Huo Yunshen was like a God that did not belong in the human realm, but he’d rather remain as a human for the person he loved.

Xu Xiyan could not help but agree that these kinds of men were the sexiest.

Xu Xiyan walked over to him and hugged him from behind, sticking her face into his wide back.

Huo Yunshen felt the arms on his chest and said, “My wife, you’re up.”


Xu Xiyan closed her eyes as she tried to listen to his heartbeat.

“What should I do?” X

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