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“I want to eat your home-made curry rice,” Xu Xiyan replied.

“Okay, I’ll make it for you.”

Huo Yunshen kissed her forehead, his deep soulful eyes brimming with his love for her.

Chu Yuhe felt even more terrible seeing the two interacting with each other intimately. He felt as though he had received a critical hit of a million hit points to his heart.

Back then, Xu Xinrou had always suspected that the man behind Xu Xiyan was Huo Yunshen and Chu Yuhe was the only one who was too stupid to believe it. But now, the truth was right in front of him; Huo Yunshen really was Xu Xiyan’s… man.

No, she had already called him “husband.”

A woman who he had abandoned and deemed worthless was now turned into treasure by another man.

Chu Yuhe just realized how stupid he was. But right now, he was feeling fearful and horrified more than he felt stupid.

This was terrifying, too terrifying!

Chu Yuhe, who was soaked in his cold sweat because of the stomach cramps, was about to faint. As long he thought about the things he had done to Xu Xiyan in the past, he would feel a chill running down his back.

No wonder Xu Xiyan was able to get top secret information!

No wonder Huo Yunshen had suddenly announced his divestment from Juxing back then!

It turned out he had done it all for Xu Xiyan.

With Huo Yunshen’s power and status, killing Chu Yuhe would be a piece of cake. In order to survive, Chu Yuhe had no choice but to endure the pain in his stomach and plop down onto his knees.

“President Huo… please, I beg you… forgive me… I know I was wrong… I was wrong…”

He thumped his head on the ground again and again to show his remorse.

Huo Yunshen turned around with his arm around Xu Xiyan’s waist and stood looming before the groveling man on the floor. He narrowed his icy eyes at him.

At this time, the identities of the two men had been vastly different from each other.

Huo Yunshen was as noble as an inviolable god whereas Chu Yuhe was as humble as a lowly ant.

“If you knew it would end like this, why did you do it anyways?”

Huo Yunshen only said those words to him.

If you knew it would end like this, why did you do it anyways…

If he really knew that it would “end like this,” Chu Yuhe wouldn’t have taken the trouble to do so many wicked deeds!

Xu Xiyan wrapped an arm around Huo Yunshen’s sturdy waist. “Let’s go, dear. Don’t waste your breath talking to insignificant people.”

Seeing that the two were leaving, Chu Yuhe crawled after them. “President Huo… Yanyan… Don’t leave me…”

Xu Xiyan turned her head around and told Chu Yuhe, “Stay here, President Chu. My husband has already arranged for you to be well taken care of when you go to jail.”

Yes, he would definitely be “well taken care of.”

They would make sure that he would be beaten in prison and suffer a lot of pain every day. Even if he was beaten in front of the prison guards, they would not even bat an eyelid because H

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