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Originally, Ma Haodong hadn’t had much of a schedule. He was about to wrap up his shoots for the movie “Root of Evil.” His company had arranged another role for him in a Chinese historical blockbuster movie and they were waiting for his approval before signing him into the cast.

But now, since Jing Xi had helped him by inviting Xiao Yuqian out, he decided to dedicate his schedule to her movie to show his gratitude to her.

“What is the online drama? Are you becoming a behind-the-scenes director? Sure, why not, Jing Xi!” Ma Haodong said with great interest.

“I’m not the behind-the-scenes director. It’s a trendy online drama by a studio I’ve invested in, called ‘Those Beautiful Bygone Days.’ It’s my first time doing this so I still don’t really understand how things work yet.”

Xu Xiyan briefly introduced her studio and the online movie they were about to shoot to him.

Ma Haodong listened to her explanation. He felt that he might as well participate in the Chinese historical blockbuster movie instead of the online movie for more earnings, but he had grown up wealthy from an early age. He was not short on money.

Just like before, Ma Haodong decided to do it just for fun, the same way he had first joined the entertainment circle just because of Xiao Yuqian.

“Well, you sure have guts to do this, but your ideas are quite good. I support you, but I have to ask my dear Qianqian whether she agrees with it. If she agrees, I’ll join without taking any pay.”

After Ma Haodong expressed his opinion, he asked Xiao Yuqian fawningly, “Qianqian, do you agree with it?”

Xiao Yuqian’s face was full of scorn. “What does this have to do with me? Decide for yourself. Don’t bother me.”

“Oh, that means you agree.” Ma Haodong nodded, then told Jing Xi, “Alright, I’ve decided to participate in this movie. Let me know when to report in.”

“Wow, Brother Dong, you’re such a loyal friend. Thank you so much.”

Xu Xiyan believed that if a superstar actor like Ma Haodong was willing to participate, there was no way this trendy movie could fail!

After finishing their dinner, they left the Shuxiang Pavilion restaurant. Ma Haodong wanted to send Xiao Yuqian home. Xu Xiyan and Wandou went back together.

After bidding them goodbye, Xu Xiyan accompanied Wandou to take public transport. By coincidence, they saw a certain someone in front of the Yongye Entertainment City just diagonally opposite them.

The well-dressed Chu Yuhe had come out of the entertainment city and there was a beautiful lady in his arms.

As soon as he had come out of the entertainment city, Chu Yuhe was already very restless, groping the lady about. Xu Xiyan felt disgusted

Xu Xiyan watched Chu Yuhe take the woman to his car. She cocked her head at Wandou and asked, “Wandou, have you done anything bad before?”

“Huh? Never.”

During her school days, Wandou had always been a good and obedient student.

“Perfect. Come on, Lil’ sis, let big sister

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