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“Hey, don’t let the child see us,” Xu Xiyan said, feeling a little nervous as she pushed him back slightly.

“It’s okay, our daughter already fell asleep long ago. She won’t wake up now.”

Huo Yunshen spoke no more and began to put his heart into enjoying his ‘delicacy.’

The two kissed their way from the door to the living room sofa. Huo Yunshen’s overpowering kisses made Xu Xiyan feel so weak that she ended up being carried to the bathroom by Huo Yunshen.

Warm water poured into the bathtub. When Huo Yunshen was bathing her, she heard her snickering.

“What are you laughing about?”

“I was laughing about what happened tonight. You won’t guess who I met.”

Xu Xiyan giggled as she told him all about the “bad deeds” she had done earlier that night.

After listening to her, Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but dab her nose playfully. “I think you’re getting more and more naughty.”

“Heh heh…” Xu Xiyan laughed happily.

After taking a bath, Huo Yunshen carried her back to the bedroom, then took a file from the drawer and gave it to her. “This is for you. Maybe you can make use of it.”


Xu Xiyan took the file and flipped it open. After reading it, she wrapped her arms around Huo Yunshen’s neck happily and kissed him passionately a few times. “This is great! With this evidence, Chu Yuhe can forget about redeeming himself. Dear, you’re a great help to me. I really don’t know how to thank you.”

What Huo Yunshen had prepared for her was a list of Chu Yuhe’s ten deadly sins. These dark secrets were very well hidden by Chu Yuhe and it was almost impossible to sniff out, but Huo Yunshen had still managed to dig them out by resorting to underhanded means.

With this document, Xu Xiyan would have an important bargaining chip in her hands.

“Well, if you don’t know how to thank me, then pay me with your flesh!”

Huo Yunshen took the opportunity to make his attack once again, locking her sweet lips with his own.

By noon the next day, one could say that news of Chu Yuhe soliciting a prostitute had already spread all over the place, and it was even being published as a full-page story in the newspapers.

Everyone knew about the breaking news regarding the president of Juxing Entertainment’s scandal, but there was still more than just this scandal—a multitude of scandalous inside news had also broken out to the public through a number of well-known media outlets.

These were some of the headlines:

[Chu Yuhe accepts bribes unethically]

[Chu Yuhe exploits female artists]

[Chu Yuhe uses his artists as prostitutes to secure business deals]

[Chu Yuhe’s fake charity fundraising]

[Chu Yuhe molests little girls].

All of a sudden, Chu Yuhe became so ill-famed that everyone was berating him as a useless scumbag.

Chu Yuhe had probably never dreamed of who had shamed him. He didn’t know that it was Xu Xiyan who had given him a push down to his doom. What he also didn’t know was th

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