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But this same pair of pure and amiable eyes would become sharper than any blade once she became ruthless.

So sharp as though they could cut you into a bloody pulp and shear you bare to the bones.


Chu Yuhe looked as though he saw his arch-nemesis and his eyes were wide with panic. He couldn’t help but swallow.

He understood very well that if this evidence was to be handed over to the police, then he would be finished. These charges were enough for him to spend the rest of his life in prison.

“Xu Xiyan, Yanyan… I beg you to have mercy, please give me another chance. Please don’t be so ruthless, just think about our past, we’ve had good memories together, Yanyan…”

Chu Yuhe’s shameless pleading was as pitiful as a rat crawling around in the sewers. It was so disgusting.

“Shut up! I shall pass the evidence to the police now. Your life imprisonment is set in stone now, and furthermore, you’ll never be granted leniency.”

Xu Xiyan reached out to take the documents back, but Chu Yuhe was a step faster. He tore up all the documents with all his might. He did it quickly and viciously, ripping almost all of them into little pieces.

He swallowed whatever pieces he could swallow into his stomach; those he couldn’t swallow he threw and sprinkled them into the air. He laughed haughtily, “Hahaha! Now the evidence is gone. What are you going to do now?”


She had already guessed that he would come to this trick!

It was Xu Xiyan’s turn to laugh. She crossed her arms, remaining calm and composed. “Chu Yuhe, do you think I’m so stupid to show you the original? Let me tell you, the ones you’ve just tore and swallowed into your stomach was only a copy. The original is still here with me. You can still have as many copies as you want.”

Chu Yuhe: “…”

He realized that he was being outplayed by Xu Xiyan. His hate for her was so great that he felt like killing her. He sprang out from his seat to grab at her neck across the table hatefully. “Damn you, woman! I’m going to strangle you to death!”

Xu Xiyan did not move. She did not even blink.

When Chu Yuhe’s hands were about to grab her, his body froze. Something was wrong with his body.

He felt his throat burning all the way to his esophagus. Especially his stomach, it felt very uncomfortable and the pain was indescribable.

Chu Yuhe could not help but clutch at his stomach, supporting himself on the table with his other hand. It was so painful that his forehead was beading with cold sweat.

Xu Xiyan looked at him with a smile and said, “Do you feel that your insides are tumbling and rolling around? Do your limbs and bones feel like falling apart?”

Chu Yuhe looked up at her and did not answer, but, she had said it right—it was exactly that kind of feeling.

“Let me tell you, those documents were coated with poison. It was a poison only the Jing family could specially concoct and you’ve swallowed it into your stomach. After the pois

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