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“Today I shall be the one who makes the decisions. Chen Yunlu, you’ll get out of this house right now. The Huo family does not welcome a daughter-in-law like you.”

The old man’s sonorous words struck Chen Yunlu like a slap to her face and she could even feel her cheek burning with pain.

Before she could send Jing Xi away herself, she was being driven out of the Huo family now.


Chen Yunlu called out to the family patriarch, but he only turned his head away to the side and ignored her.

She was not able to persuade the old man. At this time, a servant wheeled Huo Zhen into the room. Seeing that her husband had arrived, she went up to him as if she was a drowning person trying to catch a straw.

“Huo Zhen, I’m glad you’re here. Dad wanted to drive me away, please persuade him for me.”

Her husband had always doted on her and obeyed her words. As long Huo Zhen spoke in her defense, the old man would not really drive her out.

“You should go!”

Not only had Huo Zhen not defended her, but he took the side of his father and son. “Yunlu, though I’ve been compliant with you, I can’t just stand aside and watch you break up the Huo family. And it’s even more unacceptable that you wanted to break up their family of three. Since you’ve always refused to accept her and have been bent on wrecking this family, the only way to stabilize the Huo family is to cast you out.”

“…” Chen Yunlu probably had not expected that Huo Zhen would also turn his back on her and refuse to help her.

She looked around. Everyone was looking at her with the same discriminating look. She suddenly realized what it felt like to be deserted by her followers.

Yes, it was a rebellion by the masses.

How did she fall to such a plight?

“Yunshen… Husband… Dad…”

She cried out to them, but no one heeded her. Huo Zhen immediately summoned the butler. “Tell Miss Chen to leave the house.”

The butler came over with some servants and asked her to leave. Chen Yunlu knew very well that the old man would not change his mind. She had feared that he would really drive her out of the Huo family.

Chen Yunlu was already feeling regret inside, but she couldn’t find an excuse to stay on. She could only put on a thick skin and walk out of the Huo family house.

No one sympathized with her and no one spoke on her behalf. They felt that if Chen Yunlu could not realize her own mistakes and reflect on herself deeply, no one could help her.

They did not feel anything was lacking after Chen Yunlu’s departure from the Huo family. In fact, the overall atmosphere had become more relaxed.

Xu Xiyan had the acceptance and support of the two Huo family elders. The next step was to discuss their marriage.

Huo Xun proposed a traditional wedding while Huo Zhen left the decision to them.

In the afternoon, Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan sat at the stone table and had tea while they chatted. Now that everything was all right, no one would hinder t

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