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Even though Xu Xinrou could not remember what she’d done, it was as if an apple had fallen from the tree for her. There was no way she was going to miss the chance.

Xu Xinrou made use of the chance and asked Mr. Mo to invest in a new drama for her as the female lead.

Xu Xinrou swore that when she rose again, she’d never let Xu Xiyan off the hook.

The morning sunlight shone through the window and lit the whole bedroom.

Xu Xiyan woke up in the arms of the person she loved. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the warm sunlight before averting her gaze to the perfect man beside her.

Her life was so perfect that she found it hard to get out of the bed.

But Xu Xiyan still had to rush to the set. Today was the last filming day for “Root of Evil.”

“Hubby, I have to get up.”

Xu Xiyan moved her body, but she was still in the arms of the man, and it was hard to get up.

“Just a little longer.”

Since Xu Xiyan had stayed up late last night working on her novel, Huo Yunshen was worried that she might not have enough sleep.

“I really have to get up. Today is the last day of filming, it’ll be bad if I’m late.”


Huo Yunshen freed her from his arms, and Xu Xiyan got up. But before she could leave the bed, she was pulled back by Huo Yunshen.

“Ah!” Xu Xiyan shouted. “Hubby! What are you doing?”


It was a very simple answer. He pushed her down as if he was a lion that had just woken up.

“Hey, hey, hey… stop!”

Xu Xiyan was really in a hurry, but Huo Yunshen still wanted to do that with her.

“Hey, you’re the one who invited me, and I accept your invitation.”

“…” Xu Xiyan had the feeling she’d been tricked.

It was as if the man was completely different after he’d recovered.

He used to be shy and timid, and would even blush when he was joked at. Now he even thought of ways to trick her.

“Stop, my period isn’t over yet,” Xu Xiyan said, trying to stop him.

“You little liar. It’s been over since yesterday, don’t lie to me.”

He actually waited for her to come to bed the night before, but she was too immersed in writing her novel, so he did not disturb her.

But he had been holding it in for a few days, and he had to relieve it.

“…” Xu Xiyan’s lie was seen through instantly, and she had no more ways to stop the man.

Huo Yunshen rested his head on her shoulder.

His warm breath blew past her neck and ear, and it was as if she was electrified,

After a morning of excitement, it was almost 10 when Xu Xiyan got free.

She looked at the time on her phone and scolded, “Shit! I’m dead!”

She blamed it all on Huo Yunshen who wanted to have the morning exercise with her. She was worried that the director might kill her now that she was late.

“It’s all your fault!” Xu Xiyan scolded as she threw punches on his chest while controlling her strength.

After she’d calmed down, Huo Yunshen pulled her into his arms and said, “I’ve already asked th

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