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Huo Yunshen had booked Room 1119 five years ago, but he made a mistake and went to Room 1109 where he met Xu Xiyan who was drugged.

He was having fun with Xu Xiyan the whole night and had no idea who Tang Shixue had sex with in Room 1119.

“But… impossible… I…”

Tang Shixue had an even greater shock than Xu Xiyan had.

She had been hiding it for so long and came back believing that she could catch Huo Yunshen’s heart.

But now he was telling her that everything that happened five years ago was her misunderstanding. She never had sex with Huo Yunshen.

Now she did not even know who the child belonged to.

How did this happen? Tang Shixue asked herself.

“Shixue, I hope you can face reality. There are still many good men out there, you don’t have to throw everything away for me.”

Huo Yunshen really did hope that Tang Shixue could realize that.

He hoped that she could be stronger. And since the misunderstanding had been cleared, everything was still salvageable.

She could take care of herself and start a new life.

Tang Shixue sat there in silence as her heart broke. She had lost.

She lost to a girl who Huo Yunshen had just met a few months ago, and she’d lost completely.

She had a child who she did not know who the father was and lost the right to love Huo Yunshen; there was no way she could not be sad.

“Please leave, I need some time to think,” Tang Shixue said as she covered her crying face with her hand.

“All right, please take care of yourself. You can call my assistant if you need me,” Huo Yunshen said, respecting her request.

Huo Yunshen handed her Yi Xiao’s name card, implying that he would never personally deal with anything related to her again.

Huo Yunshen left, leaving Tang Shixue drowning her sorrows with alcohol.

A few people walked out from a room in the bar.

“Pick up the pace and purchase Jingyue Entertainment!” the man who was leading the people told his assistant.

“Yes, Mr. Huo,” the assistant replied.

Huo Jingtang had an angry look on his face and had decided to purchase Jingyue Entertainment.

Jingyue Entertainment had been causing Yunhai Entertainment some problems lately, and it made quite a few celebrities under Yunhai ask for termination.

He had just met a few of his friends for a drink, and all of them suggested that he acquire Jingyue Entertainment, an idea which he agreed with.

Just as they walked past the bar, Huo Jingtang noticed Tang Shixue was sitting there.

He knew who she was and knew that she had a great music career in the west. She’d just returned recently, and the people in the Huo family were trying to set her and Huo Yunshen up.

Huo Jingtang looked at her and thought of a great idea.

If he could not get his hands on Xue Yating, then he could get his way with Tang Shixue, who was drunk.

As long as they could be Huo Yunshen’s possible wife in the future, he would lay his hands on all of them.

Huo Jingt

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